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How does a teacher become a veteran teacher?

We watch a fair amount of baseball around this house and the words rookie as well as veteran are often heard. It seems that there is no in-between, no equivalent of “middle age” and there needs to be. I think in other fields there are various distinctions and since I know teaching well I will... Read more »

In Defense of the National Endowment for the Humanities

I joyfully taught Spanish and French for 35 years in Illinois public schools. During that time I constantly sought out opportunities for professional development. I applied for grants, scholarships and programs from my school districts, the state of Illinois, private foundations, the US federal government as well as the governments of France and Spain.  In... Read more »

I reprimand children in public

I am here to confess a most grievous sin of mine. I reprimand children in public. Children who are not my own kids. You may keel over in disbelief right now as I know this is a very unpopular stand. I have read posts and articles where parents vent their fury that another adult said... Read more »

I am really good at teaching Spanish and French

Hurray, it is Blogapalooza night. Once a month we have an hour to write about a specific topic. Here is tonight’s topic: Without trying to be humble, write about something you’re really good at. Like most people, I have a long list of things I am not good at – whistling, math and poker. If... Read more »

7 Reasons why Snow Days are Terrific

I loved snow days as a student although they were a very rare treat then. As a teacher, I maintained that joy when a  free day would fall from the sky. I never worried that it was a day we would have to make up in the summer. Maybe we wouldn’t have to, one year... Read more »

Teacher gift ideas for retirement or end of year

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, words which bring a smile to many faces. I have had a slew of emails asking about teacher gift ideas for retirement or end of year. This surprised me but I am glad to help. If you have a teacher that has really gone above and... Read more »

8 reasons why I am glad I am no longer teaching

I began teaching full time in the state of Illinois in September of 1975 and I loved it. It was scary but exhilarating. I worked like crazy, had some fears and doubts but got so much support and love from administrators, fellow teachers, parents and students over the years that I loved it right until... Read more »

Junior Colleges deserve respect

I went to a four year college, University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. I had a ball. I got to live in a dorm, be in a sorority, spend my Junior year abroad in Spain, take a tailoring class and try a year of apartment living. Oh yeah, I also got a college degree and... Read more »

10 Teacher gift ideas from a teacher

There is no pressure or expectation to buy your child’s teacher a gift. Some parents do so I am here to offer my thoughts.  I taught in Illinois secondary schools for 35 years.  I never expected presents and neither did any of my friends. The best gift of all would be to have students who... Read more »

Study a world language

Before I was a happy go lucky quilt blogger, I was a Spanish and French teacher.  I loved my job and was passionate about the subjects I taught.  I believe with all my heart that everyone should study a world language.  Let me give you some pragmatic reasons and philosophical rationale to convince you to... Read more »