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Here's a quick tip for removing threads NOW

Growing up we always had a wooden clothes brush handy. My mother would use it on our good clothes, sometimes before we were in them and sometimes after. It would take off lint, hair and other annoying specks detracting from our outfits. I even got one to take with me to college in an attractive... Read more »

A quick tip for sewing room safety

Sewing room safety is not a huge concern for quilters but there are a few issues to worry about. We work with big machine, items that cut and needles. Usually we are extremely careful about all of these factors. I have to admit, however, that I’ve been negligent in one area for years. Changing my... Read more »

Color Workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters

This weekend I was really lucky, I got to attend a workshop at the Quilter’s Trunk in Chicago that I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe that a color workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters and I am thrilled that I was able to go. If you don’t know Amy Walsh then... Read more »

Better way to snag a thread under a quilted top

I am quilting the second of three Cubs quilts and the repetition must have made me lax at clipping, removing threads. Or maybe the fabrics I am using are unusually thready but recently I looked down and there were threads everywhere! Yikes, what to do? Luckily I had written a blog post about this before.... Read more »

Know how to clean and maintain your Featherweight

Last Friday I took two classes on Featherweights and I am super glad I did. If you are lucky enough to own a Featherweight, you should know how to clean and maintain your Featherweight. Why? Because you’re protecting your investment and will be able to use your machine better with more confidence. To that end,... Read more »

What does a brand new quilter need to start sewing and quilting?

I wrote last week about when I learned to sew, a highlight in my life. When I transitioned to quilting, I already had much of what I needed in terms of supplies. That has not stopped me from adding to the tools of my hobby for decades but the initial outlay wasn’t too bad for... Read more »

Yikes! What do I do when there is a thread trapped under my quilt top?

Sometimes I am very pleased when I am sewing. Other times I wonder what crazed maniacal quilter messed things up for me. The unfortunate truth is that I am the only quilter in the house so that crazed sewist who made the mistakes is always ME! I was all happy that I had finished my... Read more »

Buy some numbered pins for your next quilt making project

I flirted with the idea of buying some numbered pins but not seriously. I put them on my Amazon wish list and when no one gave them to me, I wasn’t too upset. However, a bit later I spied them on Massdrop and oh so casually ordered them. They arrived a few weeks later and... Read more »

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting?

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting? How about if I told you that it depends. Not a very good answer but I am afraid it’s true. Let’s try to figure it out together. I think the first thing to consider is overall room lighting. I just discovered that there is an actual... Read more »

Spectacular Marti Michell templates for Drunkards path challenge part two

I have written before about how much I love Marti Michell and how clever she is. I have also confessed to not being a template gal but I take it all back! The wonderful people at Marti Michell read my post, Drunkards Path part one and sent me their templates to try as I continued... Read more »
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