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Preschool Thanksgiving theme for decorating this year

I was very lucky on Friday, I got to be a volunteer helper for my granddaughter’s Preschool feast. Let me tell you, these 4 and 5 year olds know how to party! Zara has put herself in charge of our “party” this turkey day and her ideas stem from her school experiences. She has selected... Read more »

Have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which may or may not bring joy to your heart. I understand if it does not and I also comprehend if it does. I have had all kinds of different Thanksgiving experiences. My motto is that you either have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories. Let’s go over some of... Read more »

Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 2 tutorial

I hope you could sleep last night waiting for the second part of this tutorial to be published. Well, wait no more. Here it is, yay, Stunning Fall Strip Table runner part 2. I tried a new technique that I learned when I met Marti Michell for lunch. I meant to use it the very... Read more »

Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 1 Tutorial

I have a kitchen island, a china storage cabinet and a big ole kitchen table and they all NEED table runners on them for me to be happy. I’ve been making table runners for a couple of thousand years but still, each year it seems I have to make a new one. I just completed... Read more »

How to create a Turkey applique - pattern included

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I have a new grandson who will be having his first celebration. I saw a darling Turkey onesie in a store and it was 28.00. I love Henry but for that kind of money I thought, I could make him three. So I decided to do one! The hardest part... Read more »

How to deal with changes at your Thanksgiving table

I come from a small family, three daughters and two parents. We lived about 5 hours or so from our relatives so most of the time it was just us for holidays. My Mom was used to a bigger crowd around the table so she was fairly successful most years at finding other to invite.... Read more »

10 items for Quilter Gratitude

In November you often see people posting daily the things for which they are grateful. The humorous part is that sometimes these are the very same folks who complain and whine every other month of the year.  I like to think that most of us who write or read this blog are pretty darn positive.... Read more »

Thanksgiving countdown

I have a fresh turkey sitting in my fridge and no matter how many times I do Thanksgiving dinner, it still intimidates me a bit. I tried to dodge doing Thanksgiving dinner for years but finally I couldn’t get out of it any more. A holiday all about cooking for a gal who’d rather sew,... Read more »

Invite extra guests to your Thanksgiving table

Our family was small, 3 girls (one not born yet) and two parents.
My Mother and Father both came from Alton, Illinois where they had large, extended families. They left all that to come live in Chicago and we had a small group for holidays. My Mom wanted a bigger crowd so she signed us up to host foreign students from U of C. A local church organized... Read more »

DIY Fast and Easy Fall table runner

I bought 4 yards of the main fabric and cut out 10 napkins 18" by 18". I bought a half a yard of 3 different batiks to go with it and cut 3 2.5" strips of each.
I decided I wanted a new table runner. I wanted it fast. I wanted it easy. I wanted to not only make it but design it myself. So I did. I called it the DIY Fast and Easy Fall Table runner. What did I buy?  I wanted napkins also so I purchased 4 yards of... Read more »