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Amazon Echo is fun but not helpful for quilting - An interview with Alexa about quilts

My husband is a gadget guy and loves technology. If something new comes out, he can’t wait to read about it, try it, own it and then look for the new and improved version. As I, ahem, spend a fair amount of money on sewing & quilting it seems fair enough. Over the years there... Read more »

5 reasons why I love Facebook - an answer to 5 reasons why I hate Facebook

I blog as part of ChicagoNow, a community of bloggers/writers who get together every once in a while. We also read blogs that other bloggers post, seek advice on our Facebook page and support as well as disagree with each other. It’s pretty cool to have a community manager as well as cohorts in crime... Read more »

10 reasons why Facebook is great

I am a big fan of Facebook and not ashamed to say so. It just really fits in my life, in fact it adds to my life. Obviously I am not a young person who has to navigate puberty and social media so my adoration is unique perhaps for my age group. You might like... Read more »

Thursday night sitting in a Police Car

I had a new experience last week. Yep, I spent Thursday night sitting in a police car.  Don’t be alarmed, I am just fine and I do not have a police record. In fact, it all started with going to my Modern Quilters Guild. You knew this is how it would begin, yes? Don’t most... Read more »

Ups and Downs of the first month of owning an electric car

My electric car is over a month old. Happy belated one month birthday Ellie Blue! I love my car but the first 5 weeks have not been perfect.  I want to tell you the Ups and Downs of the first month of owning an electric car. One huge up is being able to monitor my Ellie... Read more »

Best quilt tweets are @QuiltingMuriel

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Apartments in NY are selling for $80 million. Probably still have to wait for the elevator.</p>&mdash; Muriel B (@QuiltingMuriel) <a href="">June 5, 2013</a></blockquote> <script  src="//" charset="utf-8"></script><br><br>This is a great tweet, no?  The ending is unexpected and we laugh also thinking that yeah, rich guys still waiting for the elevator just like anyone else.  Everyone likes to laugh at rich guys, well, except rich guys.
The very first day I joined Facebook, I instantly loved it and  haven’t looked back.  I have a personal page, a page for my book club, a page for my French and Spanish posts and a page for my blog. Phew, that’s a lot of pages.  Like I said, I love it!  Twitter was another... Read more »

Glad I went to BlogHer'13

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when a fellow blogger/quilter talked me into signing up for BlogHer’13.  At first I said no automatically but then I remembered my resolve to say YES to as many things as possible after I retired.  Other bloggers I knew were not so enthused about this conference but I... Read more »

DIY Tablet Sleeve tutorial

When I bought this great fabric at Crimson Tate,  I also got a pattern because I said I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.  Or I apparently did want to do exactly that as I ended up measuring my tablet and going from there.  But the pattern picture gave me a place to start, an inspiration.
I think when you go to something new and different, you suddenly feel the need for something special to mark this event.  Back in elementary school didn’t you get new shoes, underwear and supplies for the first day of school?  I still yearn for those items when school ads start appearing. I love new outfits... Read more »

Free quilt Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Here's my new phone with its Otter Box case.  My husband's iPad survived falling off the roof of our car and being run over by another car in its Otterbox case.  We are fans for life!  (Yes, that is my Granddaughter's pic on a quilt made by yours truly.)
I got a new phone and quite frankly, it wore me out to change and update everything.  In fact, I still don’t have my Starbucks card loaded.  I know!  But I love my new phone because, well, it’s new and it has a big screen. Really big which makes using Apps even easier. I am... Read more »

Making fun pics for Facebook pages

Here is another bitstrip cartoon I did.  I think I enjoyed it more than anyone else.
It’s a good thing to have a lot of projects and activities you like to do, yes?  (Please tell me yes.)  I love to sew, quilt, read, swim, spend time with loved ones, do Facebook, sew, quilt (wait didn’t you write those twice?  Yes, yes I did), read, blog and now I enjoy making fun... Read more »