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DIY t-shirt quilt tutorial - step three, finishing the top

We are moving right along on this t-shirt quilt, yes? Working on my quilt as I write the blog posts has kept me sewing. I hope it has been motivating for you as well. This step will make your t-shirts look like a quilt, you will really believe it. Ready? Let’s go DIY t-shirt quilt... Read more »

DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial step two - sashing

Welcome back T-Shirt quilt maker! You are ready to move on, yes? Do you have your twelve t-shirt squares all set? And you know in what order you are arranging them? Yay! I love you guys. Let’s move on to DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial step two – sashing. (Want a quick refresher of step one?... Read more »

DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial - step one, the shirts

Hi there T-shirt owner! Hey, that works for everyone, we all own T-shirts. But you are probably reading this because you have decided you want a T-shirt quilt and you are going to make it yourself. Yay! If you can iron and sew a straight line, you will accomplish your goal.  Coincidentally, I am making... Read more »