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I traded up to a brand new Serger

I recently had a short lived love affair with a serger that I lusted after. I was able to talk myself out of it because a lovely and generous friend gifted me the serger she was no longer using. I thought it would be perfect, I could use that one and some day trade up.... Read more »

I got a new to me serger for free!

I got a new to me serger for free, can you believe it? It just so happened that a quilt guild pal of mine had a serger she had been looking to pass on. She subscribes to my blog so she posted on my Facebook page, “Do you want my serger?” My answer was an... Read more »

Help! A sneaky sewing serger is seducing me

I have been involved in an advanced sewing class for the past five weeks. I am really enjoying it and getting my granddaughter’s Cinderella costume made as I learn all kinds of techniques about heirloom sewing, garment adjustments and patterns. But I need your help. A sneaky sewing serger is seducing me each week in... Read more »

The movie The Dressmaker is far superior to the book

Last year I read the novel, The Dressmaker, which I did not like at all. I was disappointed as I loved the idea of a female sewing protagonist. I never even bothered to see if the subsequent movie was in theaters. I did, however, see an ad for it on Amazon and decided to check it... Read more »

Know how to clean and maintain your Featherweight

Last Friday I took two classes on Featherweights and I am super glad I did. If you are lucky enough to own a Featherweight, you should know how to clean and maintain your Featherweight. Why? Because you’re protecting your investment and will be able to use your machine better with more confidence. To that end,... Read more »

I finally decided to sell my antique treadle sewing machine

My Mom used to collect antiques with a friend of hers. She would mainly buy small items and always looked for good deals. At the time, I didn’t really care that much about it but I should have paid more attention. Over the years, she gave me some items which I didn’t value enough. My... Read more »

Sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing

I have certain items in my wardrobe that I prefer over others. There is one nightgown that I swear lets me sleep better. Some of my shoes are so cute, I just love wearing them. But right now, my sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing. Yes, you read that right. I have... Read more »

How long should a sewing machine last?

Over my lifetime I have personally owned four every day sewing machines, that’s a span of 40 years. Each time I bought a machine, I thought it would last me forever. Recently someone asked me when I was going to replace my current sewing machine. I was shocked and stammered out NEVER! I thought I... Read more »

Supergirl sewing and fabrics

I am not a huge TV fan but I have certain shows I like to watch. Surprisingly, one of them in the new CBS show, Supergirl. I raised two daughters and have a granddaughter so I love ways to make females feel proud and empowered. When I saw the previews on TV I asked my... Read more »

9 Famous Quotes about Sewing and Quilting

Joseph Chilton Pearce is an American author with an apt ability to make a great fabric quote.
Whatever I do or read I am always thinking about how to tie it back to this blog. I love it, it gives my imagination a way to soar and my mind scrambles to think, could I make this into a quilting blog. This time it was so easy and fun. I have a great... Read more »