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What fun it is to be a student while I construct the Cinderella costume

I am really good at being a student and taking classes. I liked it so much, I became a teacher. I may be retired from teaching but I still love learning. I want to tell you what fun it is to be a student while I construct the Cinderella costume for Zara. I am really... Read more »

Follow along as I make my first triangle quilt - step one, cutting with Marti Michell's fab template

My quilt guild has a challenge whose reveal is in October. The challenge is a “Dime” challenge, or do something that has 10 of something in it. Add to that Zara’s desire for a rainbow colored quilt for her newly decorated room and I have a quilt to make. I have been wanting to use... Read more »

My next challenge is to improve my garment making skills

I like challenges in quilting and sewing, they keep me on my toes. My last challenge was to create a King sized quilt which is finally finished, leaving me free to try something new. I needed something new and different. I got a notification from Thimble Quilt Shop in Lockport and I signed up. I am... Read more »

Quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top

Halloween is on the horizon and it’s a great idea for picking up good deals on kids’ clothing. My daughter snapped up matching shirts for her children but Zara balked. She wanted a girl version! Luckily I had a quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top and I am here to... Read more »

How to create a mediocre Barbie skirt

My granddaughter fervently wanted to win the Barbie Easter basket at our recent Breakfast with the Bunny extravaganza at the local high school. We bought boatloads of tickets, way more than the basket was worth. And she won! Hip hip hooray! Total happiness, right? Initially, yes but then she discovered that the Barbie was a... Read more »

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy. Crazy I tell you! I had to find a new way to reclaim part of my office, where we keep their toys. Why do we have so many toys? Because our sweethearts come here 3 days a week and we love watching them. Part... Read more »

What to do with leftover Plus blocks

I have a pretty cool problem right now up in my sewing room. I am wondering what to do with leftover plus blocks. Cub plus blocks to be precise. I may have overdone it while working on the Cubs quilt. I looked at all of those leftover blocks and divided them into two piles. Each... Read more »

Stuffed animal repair or how I became Grandma McStuffins

The first night Shelby came to her forever home, we put Doggie in her crib. She spent the night with Doggie until her sophomore year of college. Doggie needed a lot of repairs.
I love sewing because I can create wonderful things from fabric. I follow patterns or create them on my own and it satisfies so many parts of me. However, I am not a fan of doing repairs. I twitch a bit and try to wiggle out from doing them. It is using my sewing time... Read more »

10 DIY Easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays

I really appreciate a handmade gift and try to have one for important events in my grandchildren’s lives. I am always looking for easy gifts to make for young kids for the holidays and suppose you are also. Here are some of the tutorials I have published and you might like to whip up this... Read more »

Binge watching Gilmore Girls while sewing Tooth Fairy pillows

Thanksgiving weekend is one of eating, seeing family, eating leftovers and decorating for Christmas in our Family. This year however, I added a new wrinkle to the mixture. Years ago our whole family used to watch Gilmore Girls and Netflix dropped 4 new reunion episodes on Friday morning. Inbetween the leftovers and decorating I was... Read more »
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