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Fabrics and quilts on the way to Alabama

For the second year in a row, we traveled to Orange Beach to enjoy a week in warm sunshine. Our daughter’s family came with us so we got to spend 24/7 with our grandchildren. It was great but the drive is not. To break up the drive we find fabrics and quilts on the way... Read more »

Road trip to see the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at MSU

Have you ever read the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie? To me it’s a tale of how once you start giving someone something it will lead to more and more! My version would be called If you Give a Quilter a Book! Once I received my latest quilt book for my birthday... Read more »

Presidential and Patriotic quilts seen at Quilt week in Paducah 2016

I was so taken by the exhibit, I bought the book. I am super glad that I did.
Are you wondering when Kathy is going to stop writing about her trip to Paducah? Ha! I could just write and write about it! There were so many great aspects to that experience. When I purchased my two day pass it included entry to the Rotary Club exhibit. I ran over there at the last... Read more »

African American Quilt Exhibit in Williamsburg VA

This is the current site of the folk art museum and former hospital. See the banner for the exhibit?
My husband and I recently went on a great road trip, traveling east for history and some quilts. Even before we left, I knew that there was an African American Quilt Exhibit in Williamsburg, VA. I had read this wonderful article so I was excited to see the dozen quilts, some of which had never... Read more »

A visit to the textile exhibit in the Shelburne museum

Just one of the 38 beautiful buildings on 45 acres. It is a museum you could visit every weekend, there is so much to see.
I have wanted to see quilts in the Shelburne museum for a very long time. 30 years ago I was lucky enough to visit Vermont but I didn’t get as far north as Burlington. When I learned what I had missed there I was crestfallen. I vowed to go on a visit to the textile... Read more »

Calvin Coolidge 30th US President and Quilter

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day trip to the eastern part of the US, mainly New England. It was a fabulous vacation that mixed sports, quilt shops, history and lots of lobster. One day had us traveling along in beautiful Green Mountains. It was full of beautiful nature and multiple service... Read more »

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Along with Marti Michell

As you know, I am a big fan of certain quilters. One of my favorites is up to something super! There is a  Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt with Marti Michell starting September 28th. It seems like a lot of fun and all the blogs and buzz are certainly piquing my interest. I am not one... Read more »

I'm Sew Tired: A quilting and Beatles quiz

Judy Walsh made this cutie! I will give the title on the following slide. Try to guess!
One of the highlights for me in Kansas City was seeing the 150 Beatles Art Quilts, each depicting a different Beatles song. I had not been able to see them at previous showings so I was very excited. There is a book about these quilts put together by Donna DeSoto. I would love to own... Read more »

Gyleen X. Fitzgerald is a quilter you should know

Have you ever really thought about what will happen to your unfinished quilts? I know it’s kind of an odd question but obviously it happens. We have all seen quilt tops and quilt blocks for sale in Antique shops or perhaps in our family’s possession. I am lucky enough to have met a woman who... Read more »

Books about Quilts and the Underground Railroad

The quilting world is a pretty cool place with room enough for lots of talents, ideas and creativity. People write blogs, posts videos and write books. There are books about every sort of quilting and sewing that you can imagine. Among them are books about quilts and the Underground Railroad.  In this chill place that... Read more »