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Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see

NIU Community Memorial quilt to remember the 5 killed and 21 injured.
There are 40 reasons why the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see. What are those 40 reason? The quilts themselves which teach us lessons about how artists react to tragedy and strive to maintain human rights. I have been waiting to see this exhibit since I went to... Read more »

Road trip to see the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at MSU

Have you ever read the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie? To me it’s a tale of how once you start giving someone something it will lead to more and more! My version would be called If you Give a Quilter a Book! Once I received my latest quilt book for my birthday... Read more »

Fabulous upcoming show at NIU Pick Museum on Quilts and Human Rights

Have you ever spotted an event that you just KNEW you had to attend? This just happened to me when I spied this invite on Facebook. I had the book on my Amazon wish list and got it for my bday.  I loved it so much I reviewed it yesterday. My birthday weekend was spectacular. The... Read more »

Review of the book Quilts and Human Rights

Friday was my birthday which was a wonderful time with family and time to do just what I wanted to do. Yes, I did quilt! I also celebrated at breakfast with everyone and got lovely gifts. One of them was a terrific new book on quilts. I want to tell you all about it in... Read more »

I made a political quilt to benefit a good cause

I have been creating quilts for 33 years and this is the first time that I have made one with a political message. I wasn’t opposed to the idea but I am not the speediest of quilters. I always figured that whatever the cause was it would be gone and forgotten before I finished the... Read more »

Modern Geese Pulse quilt is finished

Today was another great day because I finished a quilt. That doesn’t happen all that often, once a month this year. See how cleverly I fit that in? Yes, this was my 9th quilt finished and this is the 9th month. I made this quilt with the leftover fabrics from my Pulse quilt. It was... Read more »

Pulse Quilt top is finished - quilts for Orlando

I wrote last month about the quilts for all those affected by the horrific attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Miami. In that post, I vowed to make some heart blocks. But I changed my mind and decided to make a quilt instead. I know, I know, I should keep my promises. But let me... Read more »

Opportunity to help Pride victims from Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

I live near Chicago but right now my heart is with the victims of the recent massacre in Orlando, Florida. I saw an appeal for information from the mother of one of those murdered. My heart went out to her as tears filled my eyes. I’ve read tweets and posts about the anguish of the... Read more »

Sharing Abundance Makes You Feel Good about Yourself

My older daughter works in a high school with an extremely high poverty level and very needy students. She loves her job and teaches Special Ed and Business and cares for her students day and night. She teaches an Honors Accounting class where she has the brightest in the school with real potential for a... Read more »

Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it... Read more »