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BOM blocks were finally used to make a quilt top

In 2010 I signed up for what seemed like an interesting and fun several year Bock Of the Month project. Each month I picked up 4 baggies with directions and fabrics for 4 blocks. These blocks were 6 inches finished, surely I could sew those small blocks easily and for a while, I did. Then... Read more »

Modern Improv Half Square Log Cabin quilt top is finished

I loved getting to an important part in making a quilt. Today I am so happy that the modern improv half square Log Cabin quilt top is finished. If you missed the block post, you can catch up here. I have to admit, it is not such an easy thing to put together a quilt... Read more »

Improvised modern half Log Cabin blocks are finished

Last July I had a once in a lifetime trip to the outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. While I was there I attended a super class with Heather Jones where I made three blocks for a quilt. Here it is, December, and I am so pleased that the improvised modern half Log Cabin blocks... Read more »

Triangle quilt top completed

I was happy to get this triangle quilt top completed. I had several Halloween projects, including Zara’s costume and Henry’s. I had been doing so much garment sewing I had to remind myself to make quarter inch seams. I had eleven rows to join together and I wanted each triangle centered to the one above... Read more »

Triangle quilt part two - creating the rows

I don’t know about you but I have been dreaming about triangles, lots of triangles of many colors. This is fitting because I am now on my triangle quilt part two – creating the rows. And boy do I have rows and rows of them. When I sew the triangles together I start with one... Read more »

Follow along as I make my first triangle quilt - step one, cutting with Marti Michell's fab template

My quilt guild has a challenge whose reveal is in October. The challenge is a “Dime” challenge, or do something that has 10 of something in it. Add to that Zara’s desire for a rainbow colored quilt for her newly decorated room and I have a quilt to make. I have been wanting to use... Read more »

King Sized Modern Courthouse Steps quilt back is finished

In my last exuberant posting about the quilt top being finished, I showed my choices for the back. Neither option included a no sew method. I decided to go with the 5 or so yards of light green and add to it. I can now boast that I did it, the King sized modern courthouse... Read more »

King Sized Modern Courthouse Steps Top is finished - phew

Cue the confetti, the king sized modern courthouse steps top is finished. What a relief. I have mentioned that I was over the process of making the blocks. Putting the blocks into strips and the strips together as the top went fast and was fun. This top is 120.5″ by 100.5″ and that is a... Read more »

Modern Courthouse Steps Blocks are finished

I have been working on these blocks for approximately 27 and a half years. Maybe a little less but it sure feels like a really long time. I am really relieved and happy that the modern courthouse steps blocks are finished, all 30 of them. Here they are in a pile, looking all innocent. I... Read more »

Heather Jones is an inspiring Quilter and Teacher

Are you familiar with Heather Jones? I am a new fangirl of hers. I liked the picture of the quilt that I saw in the brochure for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show so I signed up for her workshop. To my delight, I discovered Heather Jones is an inspiring Quilter and Teacher. When I saw the... Read more »