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I have made a bunch of quilts over the years and like to show and talk about them.

Modern Geese Pulse quilt is finished

Today was another great day because I finished a quilt. That doesn’t happen all that often, once a month this year. See how cleverly I fit that in? Yes, this was my 9th quilt finished and this is the 9th month. I made this quilt with the leftover fabrics from my Pulse quilt. It was... Read more »

Good news - Halloween Quilt Number 2 is done

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus sewing wise but I am deliriously happy that Halloween quilt number 2 is done. After I finished the first one I was a bit bored with the idea of doing the quilting and binding on the exact same quilt. Plus, let’s see what other excuses I can... Read more »

First modern Halloween quilt is finished

Last year I made some Halloween blocks and wanted to make two small quilts using them. I ran out of time and a goal for this year was to finish those quilts. Easy, right? I mean the blocks were done, I just had to sew them together. But I obviously like to make my life... Read more »

My Pulse Quilt is completed #Quilts for Orlando

My Pulse quilt is completed and I loved every minute of making it. I really enjoyed having a basic element, the heart, that I needed to include but free rein otherwise. I kept imagining someone getting this quilt and my desire that it provide some comfort. Part of the fun challenge was doing ruler work.... Read more »

Modern Jungle Quilt is Finished

Last night I was up in my sewing room sewing the binding on the jungle quilt. Lighting was flashing, thunder was crashing and I was dashing towards quilt completion. The storm blew itself out just as I took my final stitches. I had calm skies and the thought that the modern jungle quilt is finished... Read more »

Nala and Simba Quilt is Finished

I stayed up sewing really late sewing on Wednesday night. I was tired the next day but it was worth it because the Nala and Simba Quilt is finished. I am quilter, hear me roar! My dear Gladys, the Gammill longarm, has been in a really good mood lately. As a result, my only challenge... Read more »

Modern Flannel quilt is finished along with the traditional back

Sometimes I love a deadline, a reasonable one can really motivate me to keep working when maybe I would not have otherwise. You may have remembered that last week I was sick and more than a little bit pouty. I gave myself a day to process and let the antibiotics kick in. After that, back... Read more »

Drunkards Path quilt is all finished

Finishing a quilt is a huge rush for me. When I get near the end I usually push it on through. Last night I  finished the binding even though it was well past midnight. I felt  great and slept well until I  had to get up early for Aqua Exercise. I am deliriously happy to... Read more »

Modern Baby quilt is all done on time

I love the process of making a quilt and I love a finished quilt. Sometimes the time lapse involved is months and months but this time I had a definite deadline.  I am ecstatic that the modern baby quilt is all done on time no less! I designed it with help on Wednesday, pieced it... Read more »

Littlest Mermaid panel quilt is finished

I know I could have just made a regular panel quilt and been done with this Mermaid quilt really quickly. But where’s the sport in that? I had to jazz it up as you saw in the first post when I had the top finished. I am thrilled to be able to say that the... Read more »
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