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3 Christmas movies with quilts - 2017 update

Last year I bemoaned the lack of quilters in Christmas movies and I am still waiting for one to take the lead role. I was heartened by the presence of quilts in movies in 2016 so I thought it was time for a 2017 update. Are you ready for Christmas movies with quilts I’ve spotted... Read more »

Alias Grace is a compelling series with magnificent quilts you should check out on Netlix

Netflix did it again, I got hooked by another of its shows. I wish now I had read the book first but Alias Grace is a compelling series with magnificent quilts. I think I enjoyed the show more than my husband because it is constructed so much like a quilt. If you have not seen... Read more »

Stranger Things 2 was intensely entertaining and even had quilts

This weekend my husband and I alternated between Halloween fun with our grandchildren and binge watching Stranger Things 2. I loved both activities but only the latter kept me up until 2:30 am on Saturday night. Or was it Sunday morning? Stranger Things 2 was intensely entertaining and even had quilts. Yes, quilts in a... Read more »

Quilting and sewing in the news - articles that are fun to read

I like to know what is going on in the world, I do. But I can’t say it generally puts me in a good mood. There are so many controversies, disasters and sad things that happen in this world. I like to balance it by finding quilting and sewing in the news. I am here... Read more »

A quilter's funeral

I am 63 years old and happy and healthy. I am pretty sure I will live 50 or 60 more years, at least! However, I think it’s good to let your family know what your ideas are about your funeral, a quilter’s funeral. What brought this up? I will show you a post that sparked... Read more »

Quilters Newsletter is closing - Say it ain't so!

When I took my very first quilt class in 1983 the teacher recommended that we all subscribe to Quilters Newsletter. Being a compliant and eager student, I did exactly that. 33 years later I am still getting my copies. You can imagine my dismay when I read this blog posted and learned that Quilters Newsletter... Read more »

Quilting and sewing articles in the news - the good, the bad and the ugly

I read every article I can find on quilts or sewing. Sometimes I click them open and close them right up. Some news services want me to register or pay and I decline. Other articles don’t have pictures and really don’t pique my interest. Other times there are quilting and sewing articles in the news... Read more »

Fun look at Cinco de Mayo Quilts

I love seeing if I can find a connection between two items I like so I googled Cinco de Mayo quilts and got so many astounding links. Full confession: I did not know that there was a quilt pattern named Cinco de Mayo. (Hangs head in shame.) But now that I do, I want to... Read more »

10 reasons why Facebook is great

I am a big fan of Facebook and not ashamed to say so. It just really fits in my life, in fact it adds to my life. Obviously I am not a young person who has to navigate puberty and social media so my adoration is unique perhaps for my age group. You might like... Read more »

I'm Sew Tired: A quilting and Beatles quiz

Judy Walsh made this cutie! I will give the title on the following slide. Try to guess!
One of the highlights for me in Kansas City was seeing the 150 Beatles Art Quilts, each depicting a different Beatles song. I had not been able to see them at previous showings so I was very excited. There is a book about these quilts put together by Donna DeSoto. I would love to own... Read more »
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