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Quilter in Florida needs help after Irma

I recently found out that a quilter in Florida needs help after Irma. It was startling to me that people’s lives are still turned upside down as the news in Illinois has stopped talking about this devastating hurricane. I have a very compassionate Facebook friend named Pam. She and I both went to the same... Read more »

Fantasy Quilter family tree

When I taught Spanish and French we always learned the names of the people in a family. In order to make it real, I would assign them a family tree creation of ANY family, it just had to have the words and pictures. It could be their family and some kids were all over this.... Read more »

Quilt labels that would be hilarious to create

Sometimes I am full of hot talk, I act like I would do some naughty things when we all know I would not! Today I am at it again, posting about quilt labels that would be hilarious to create. You know I never would, right? I just like to pretend. Let’s see what funny labels... Read more »

Quilters need more hashtags but don't worry, I've got you covered

A fellow blogger and friend of mine published a creative post on Favorite hashtags for parents. Of course I am stealing being inspired by her idea! I think Quilters need more hashtags and I am about to supply them. First let’s reminisce a bit about the symbol for hashtag, #. I remember when it meant... Read more »

How to fulfill a Quilter's fantasies

Have you ever seen the movie Exit to Eden? It’s not a particularly notable film but there is one scene I will never forget. A man looking to please Rosie O’Donnell’s character asks, “How can I fulfill your fantasies?” without missing a beat she replies, “Paint my house.” It cracks me up every time. After... Read more »

I'm a quirky and odd quilter, isn't that great?

I’m a quirky and odd quilter, isn’t that just great? I like being a bit nerdy and weird. You are thinking, we all knew this Kathy, tell us something new. OK, I will. My quilter quirks When I play Scrabble I consider that I’ve won if I put down the word QUILT. I regularly scramble... Read more »

Follow up on quilting controversy - a conversation with Eric the Quilter

I wrote a post about the controversy in the quilting world. I did this because it was news in the quilting world. It also became news in the international world with the article/interview with the BBC. If you haven’t read that article you can access it here. In the article, they interview Eric the Quilter.... Read more »

Do you like quilt quizzes? Here is one to get started and links to others

When I was doing research for my Folk art post I stumbled upon a quilt quiz. I went and took it but more about that later. That started me down the rabbit hole of online quilting quizzes. I am not sure about any of the results but the ones that are immediately graded are my... Read more »

What makes a quilter a VETERAN quilter?

A while ago I published a post on what makes a teacher a veteran teacher. The word veteran has been on my mind since then. I recently attended a workshop where the teacher had us declare how long we had been quilting. Some of the participants labelled themselves as new quilters but that seemed to... Read more »

My take on the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community

I am a quilter and I love the quilting community. I have taken wonderful classes, attended superb quilt shows and met kind hearted people. I am generally so darn proud to be a quilter. Today, however, I was not. I had non quilting friends posting about the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community and... Read more »