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Options for creating string piecing fabric

My eyes are still taking it easy so I don’t have a new project to reveal. However, I had completed a goal last week that I want to show off. My Modern Quilters guild has members demonstrate their skills and for this year I had requested a demo on string piecing. I had seen the... Read more »

Quilt Alliance Quilts from Quilt Expo 2016

Yes, I am writing again about this show but this time a different part of it. I enjoy looking back at pictures of quilts I have taken, it’s very relaxing and inspires my own creativity. I didn’t make a gallery, I just wanted you to have a similar experience I had. Take a look at... Read more »

I abhor designer clothing made from vintage quilts

I have a google alert for sewing and quilting articles. I peruse dozens of articles a day, some I post to my Facebook page and others I read and move on. Today I read this article about Emily Adams Bode’s new fashion collection and I saw red.  I abhor designer clothing made from vintage quilts,... Read more »

Fabulous trunk show by Weeks Ringle of The Modern Quilt Studio

I am such a night owl that getting up in the morning is not my favorite thing. I love sewing at night, writing up the blog, watching some TV and getting to bed between 1 and 2 am. As a result, I had let my traditional guild membership lapse, I was never there for the... Read more »

Let's talk about different kinds of quilt batting

Let’s talk about different kinds of quilt batting. For example, what is your favorite batting? I am not sure I have one. When I first started I would just buy bags of batting with a coupon at Joann Fabrics. I used that approach for about 30 years and always hand quilted. I saved the scraps... Read more »

Best adhesive for Applique

I love to sew but I am also a tad lazy. If I can find an easier or better way to do something, I am all in. Everyone at guild was talking about fabric glues and they got me all excited also. I had bibs to make and I wanted to know which is the... Read more »

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Along with Marti Michell

As you know, I am a big fan of certain quilters. One of my favorites is up to something super! There is a  Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt with Marti Michell starting September 28th. It seems like a lot of fun and all the blogs and buzz are certainly piquing my interest. I am not one... Read more »

9 Quilt T Shirts I would like to design

I love knits, you don’t have to iron them and they are super comfy. I wear lots of University of Illinois t-shirts and quilty t-shirts. I am tall and fluffy and knits shrink so my preferred shirt is a WOMEN’s size  3X V-necked t-shirt. These are incredibly hard to find. Some will say they are... Read more »

What is a Modern Traditionalist quilter?

I call myself a Modern Traditionalist quilter both in my head and on my Facebook page. Recently someone asked me, “What is a modern traditionalist quilter?” I glibly answered, Uh, I dunno. Or something to that effect. So naturally I’ve been pondering this question. I did some research. Here is the definition from the Modern... Read more »

I am in Quilters Newsletter Magazine

I am in Quilters Newsletter Magazine, well, in an article. Yes! I am amazed as well. I subscribe but I hadn’t gotten my copy in the mail when I received the following tweet. Well, hello kquilt. I see you there in the Quilter’s Newsletter! #twilter #quilt — Pam (@pantsfreesia) May 12, 2015 How exciting,... Read more »