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Undercover Quilts is a stupendous Quilt Store in Seattle, WA

I revealed that I had found a nifty new store in Seattle in my last post. It was pretty obvious that I had encountered a new Quilt store but I needed a whole post to brag about it so I waited for the next installment of my trip to the Pacific Northwest. In our explorations... Read more »

I loved my visits to the Stitchin' Post quilt store in Sisters, OR

I knew that I would visit the Stitchin’ Post quilt store in Sisters, OR, I just didn’t realize I would visit it twice. I not only loved my visits to the Stitchin’ Post but it solved all my problems. I had forgotten to order the kit for my Friday class. Uh, oh, naughty quilter. How... Read more »

How to add some quilt to any Vacation

We just came back from a 10 day beach vacation with our oldest daughter, her husband and their two children. We stayed in a 4 bedroom condo together at Turquoise Place on Orange Beach. It was such a fun and relaxing time of sun, sand, pools and ocean views. Shockingly, this was a trip not... Read more »

Fabulous quilt shop in Sedona, Arizona

This week I was lucky enough to visit the state of Arizona. It was a fun trip, we were gone 5 days and two of those were for travel. During this short and sweet vacay I was lucky enough to visit a fabulous quilt shop in Sedona, Arizona. Let me tell you all about it,... Read more »

Crimson Tate started our quilt weekend in Indianapolis

My husband loves to drive and I love to passenger. (That’s a verb, right?) We both like weekend trips and last weekend we had a great one. After a 3 hour nap on the drive, Crimson Tate started our quilt weekend in Indianapolis. Who is Crimson Tate? It’s a store on Massachusetts avenue in Indianapolis... Read more »

Quilters Apothecary is a must visit for Longarm Quilters

I have a good friend who lives in Michigan City, Indiana. We became buds when our daughters started hanging out together in 3rd grade. Every summer I go for the day and she finds fun things for us to do. This year, she outdid herself. We visited The Quilters Apothecary in the TAG building. TAG... Read more »

Visiting Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe

Yesterday I met a friend of mine, a good friend who used to be a colleague. When we worked together it was pretty easy to keep in touch. Now, we have to check schedules and make a point of meeting up. Even if we just have time for coffee, we always have a lot to... Read more »

The Quilter's Trunk - Chicago's New Top-Drawer Quilting Store

Chicago is a premier city with highly rated music, restaurants, theater and sports. As a result, many significant quilt shows and conventions come to town. When quilters travel, they love to shop and not just at the merchant malls. Many of the quilt shows will organize shop hops and these shops are usually in the... Read more »

A visit to New York City with friends is an experience you should have

I flew into NYC to meet my friends for a weekend of talk, food and plays. It's a great destination as there are so many things to do.
A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away I attended college. Yes, I was young once. Don’t look so skeptical. I was and I had a core group of friends from my sorority. Over the years we have had some reunions but the best ones are those to NYC. In fact, a... Read more »

Quiltshop wall of shame or quilters gone bad

I am sure you buy fabric and have entered quilt shops. A fact that is little known is that the quilt shops keep track of the underbelly of the quilt world. Don’t believe it? Look in the back and you shall discover The Quiltshop Wall of Shame or quilters gone bad.  I am exposing these... Read more »
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