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Winter Games Challenge at Quilt Expo

Nancy Zieman will be missed, I am glad I have this shot giving her credit for this challenge.
I am not athletic nor graceful but I sure love watching those who are. I am excited that the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will begin at 6:05 PM on Wednesday, February 7. I have been saving these pictures of quilts from the Winter Games Challenge at Quilt Expo 2017 until now. All of the quilters... Read more »

Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see

NIU Community Memorial quilt to remember the 5 killed and 21 injured.
There are 40 reasons why the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see. What are those 40 reason? The quilts themselves which teach us lessons about how artists react to tragedy and strive to maintain human rights. I have been waiting to see this exhibit since I went to... Read more »

Fabulous Fine art of Fiber show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens

The event was held in a lovely spot and even had terrific signage.
This weekend I attended the fabulous Fine art of Fiber show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was the first time I had attended this show and the gardens. Both were simply superb. I intend to make this a regular trip and even signed up for an email reminder. There were so many fabulous quilts,... Read more »

Lemoyen and Lemons quilt exhibit at Quilt Expo

I love to start out a gallery with the sign from the original exhibit. It makes the experience more authentic.
Yes, Quilt Expo was last month. However, there were too many wonderful quilts for just one post. I divided them up into several posts which I had meant to publish within a smaller time frame. Great quilts are always welcome so here is another gallery. This gallery is a collection of Lemoyen stars with a... Read more »

Quilters beat the Blues quilts at Sewing and Quilting Expo 2017

Blue is my favorite color so this exhibit being first started Quilt Expo off perfectly for me.
This past weekend I was lucky and got to attend the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Schaumburg, Il, a suburb of Chicago. I saw wondrous quilts, old friends and had such fun. I decided to share the quilts with you in the same organizational method that they used. Who am I to try to improve... Read more »

2017 Bouquet Of Quilts quilt show was fantastic

This show took place at a fantastic facility, a JHS in Woodridge, Il.
I had a great time on  Saturday. I was able to attend the 40th anniversary party of a dear friend and it just so happened there was a quilt show about 10 minutes away. We left home early so I could attend the 2017 Bouquet of Quilts quilt show first. It was fantastic! I took... Read more »

Favorite Scenes and Quilts from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Here I am, ready to start. I have good shoes and water but no hat! I eventually bought one.
I think you may have gathered that I had a spectacular experience in Oregon. I really enjoyed myself the entire time we were there. There were quilts up in nearly every business we visited during that week. There were quilts, many of them actually, at our hotel. And obviously there were quilts in town for... Read more »

A gallery of stunning quilts from Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2017

Can you imagine all those perfect tiny triangles? Mary Lois Hill did a magnificent job with her quilt Homestead.
I love quilt shows, they stimulate my mind. I see the finished quilts and my brain reacts to them. I think of new ideas and determine I need to sew more quilts! The last show I attended was no exception. I take pictures of the quilts that make me wish I had made them or... Read more »

I had a great time at the 2017 Shipshewana Quilt Festival

I went on another road trip, I’ve just been a traveling fool lately. I had a great time at the 2017 Shipshewana Quilt Festival and want to tell you why. I plan to publish a photo gallery of the stunning quilts I enjoyed as a follow up. But first let me tell you about all... Read more »

Fabulous upcoming show at NIU Pick Museum on Quilts and Human Rights

Have you ever spotted an event that you just KNEW you had to attend? This just happened to me when I spied this invite on Facebook. I had the book on my Amazon wish list and got it for my bday.  I loved it so much I reviewed it yesterday. My birthday weekend was spectacular. The... Read more »