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Fantasy Quilter family tree

When I taught Spanish and French we always learned the names of the people in a family. In order to make it real, I would assign them a family tree creation of ANY family, it just had to have the words and pictures. It could be their family and some kids were all over this.... Read more »

Catherine Redford has a new book and a one woman show at International Quilt Festival 2017

There are such fun and creative ideas in here. Personally I want to use them all and some day, conquer her circle. It's stupendous.
I’m lucky to call Catherine Redford my friend. She was one of the cofounders of my Modern Quilters Guild and ran it for years. Now I only get to meet up with her when she is not traveling the world teaching classes, recording videos and conquering new quilting horizons. What’s new in her world? Catherine... Read more »

Trunk show with Heather Givans of Crimson Tate is a perfect way to spend a Friday night

I don’t go out on the town much, in fact my husband and I have a routine where we collapse in front of the television with pizza after our grandchildren leave. This past Friday night I broke with tradition and wandered over to Thimbles in Lockport, IL. I attended a fantastic trunk show with Heather... Read more »

Book review of Quilt with Tula and Angela

I have a serious quilter crush on both Tula Pink and Angela Walters. I was lucky enough to see both of them in person and I would like to be friends with both of them.I am sure they feel the same way but just haven’t had time to arrange a lunch or coffee. Since we... Read more »

Tula Pink is a quilting rock star and a really nice person or how I became a fangirl

On Sunday I went to my favorite quilt store, Thimbles, and got to see Tula Pink. I have read about her, bought a bit of her fabric. I didn’t have a wild crush on her like so many quilters that I knew. But since she was going to be so close and there would be... Read more »

Modern Machine Quilting DVD by Catherine Redford

I have written before about my fabulous guild, the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild, which is comprised of Quilt stars, legends and leaders in the Modern Quilting movement. These talented and creative women include Catherine Redford who is not only a luminary in the Quilt world but one heck of a nice person. She is knowledgeable... Read more »

Quilters will never become millionaires, sew what?

I like money as much as the next person. I am more than willing to have fun with it, buy some fabric, travel, give some away. But I am not that into money which is obvious from my history. I was a teacher, a profession not know for millionaires and now I am a quilter.... Read more »

I want to be best friends with Jenny Doan

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza when we have 60 minutes to write a post about a topic we are given. Tonight’s topic is the following: “Write a letter to a celebrity (rock star, politician, athlete, movie star, etc.) convincing them you should become best friends” This is easy for me. I am not a big... Read more »

10 Things Likeable Quilters do

I have seen posts like this for office workers, friends and now there is one for Quilters. I love my quilty peeps, but there are some that I love more than others. It could be that we just click on some molecular level or it could just be that there are things likeable quilters do... Read more »

Marti Michell is a delightful quilter you should know

I have a new quilt heroine, Marti Michell. You may remember her name from a post I did on a box of goodies I received from her. Or maybe the fun I had meeting her at QuiltCon? This past week I got to not only see a fabulous lecture and trunk show of hers in... Read more »