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How to make a name tag usable anywhere

My modern quilters guild has challenges throughout the year but no rules. So you can make them or not, for that month or later. We had a challenge in January of ‘put a letter on it’ or a name tag. I made a sign but decided I wanted to do the second part as well.... Read more »

A coaster exchange is a wonderful activity for a Quilt Guild

A coaster exchange is a wonderful activity for a Quilt Guild, I should know, I just got home from one. It was very fun and we had a lot of participation. A few people did not participate but since other members brought extras, everyone went home with a set. We loved them all and adored... Read more »

Harvest of Quilts Show of the Heritage Quilters Guild

When you first walked in BAM you immediately got quilts. They had vintage quilts over chairs with an explanation and a warning not to touch the quilt.
Last weekend I had a real treat. I was able to attend the Harvest of Quilts Show of the Heritage Quilters Guild from Lockport, Illinois. I had never been to one of their shows before and I was very impressed. It was a spectacular show with nary a detail overlooked. If you missed it, you’re... Read more »

Orphan block guild challenge - Help!

I need some help with my upcoming orphan block guild challenge. I am not seeing the possibilities in the leftover blocks I received. I am a tiny bit uncomfortable calling them orphan blocks. So I may invent other nicknames as I go along. Should I abandon them and use my own. Accck! These are the... Read more »

Flying debris from a truck struck my car - Yikes!

I drove to my quilt guild today on 355. I am quite an excellent passenger but more of a reluctant driver. I always worry I will get tired so I slept late this morning and brought a huge iced coffee with me. No worries, right? Wrong! Flying debris from a truck struck my car and... Read more »

I love my Modern Quilters Guild

Currently I am active in only one local guild, The Naperville Modern Quilters guild. We are a very small group that meets eleven times a year. Our only rule is that there are no rules, which I pretty much adore. There are so many reasons why I love my Modern Quilters Guild but the no... Read more »
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