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Winter Games Challenge at Quilt Expo

Nancy Zieman will be missed, I am glad I have this shot giving her credit for this challenge.
I am not athletic nor graceful but I sure love watching those who are. I am excited that the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will begin at 6:05 PM on Wednesday, February 7. I have been saving these pictures of quilts from the Winter Games Challenge at Quilt Expo 2017 until now. All of the quilters... Read more »

Lemoyen and Lemons quilt exhibit at Quilt Expo

I love to start out a gallery with the sign from the original exhibit. It makes the experience more authentic.
Yes, Quilt Expo was last month. However, there were too many wonderful quilts for just one post. I divided them up into several posts which I had meant to publish within a smaller time frame. Great quilts are always welcome so here is another gallery. This gallery is a collection of Lemoyen stars with a... Read more »

There are good people and hope in the world and Project Lydia is one of them

Some days are hard to fathom and sad in so many ways. Other days give you a ray of sunshine that there are good people and hope in the world and Project Lydia is one of them. I was lucky enough to encounter their booth at the Sewing and Quilt Expo 2017 in Chicago. I reached back... Read more »

Quilters beat the Blues quilts at Sewing and Quilting Expo 2017

Blue is my favorite color so this exhibit being first started Quilt Expo off perfectly for me.
This past weekend I was lucky and got to attend the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Schaumburg, Il, a suburb of Chicago. I saw wondrous quilts, old friends and had such fun. I decided to share the quilts with you in the same organizational method that they used. Who am I to try to improve... Read more »

Quilt Alliance Quilts from Quilt Expo 2016

Yes, I am writing again about this show but this time a different part of it. I enjoy looking back at pictures of quilts I have taken, it’s very relaxing and inspires my own creativity. I didn’t make a gallery, I just wanted you to have a similar experience I had. Take a look at... Read more »

11 Black and White quilts plus one color at Quilt Expo

I was not aware of this challenge so I really liked the explanation on the sign.
When I was in high school, I had a black and white bedroom. I made a black bedspread with white polka dots and I had super cool posters on the wall. It was the first time I had my own room and I was nuts about it. My oldest daughter then requested a black and... Read more »

Veteran Tom Korn honors military men and women with his Ribbon Quilts

Tom Korn served in the military from 1968 to 1971 and was awarded two different ribbons. He was in a submarine off the coast of Vietnam and after the service, he worked as a contractor. Following his retirement, his seven sisters taught him how to quilt and use a longarm quilting machine. As most of... Read more »

Best of QuiltCon at Quilt Expo 2016

I adore good signage and it was great at Quilt Expo.
I have only been to one QuiltCon and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am not a professional in the world of quilting so there is only so much time and so much money for attending shows. I feel pretty excited when I can attend a show which features quilts from a show I’ve missed. It’s like... Read more »

Be Creative Challenge quilts from the Expo show in Schaumburg

I liked reading about the rules and how the challenge was organized. I could tell which fabrics were in common and which were new as I looked at the quilts. Here are my favorite finalists.
I want to share with you the Be Creative Challenge quilts from the Expo show in Schaumburg. I really enjoyed them and I think you will also. I did not photograph all of them, just my favorites. There are only 7 quilts in the gallery so it shouldn’t take too long to flip through. The winning quilt... Read more »

I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing

OK, true confession time. I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing. I can’t believe it either. I will post later in the week about the show itself; right now I am trying to figure out if I have lost all my quilting cred. When I first entered the... Read more »