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Changes at ChicagoNow and my blog

There are changes at ChicagoNow and my blog, let me tell you all about them. First of all, I blog as part of ChicagoNow, a community of bloggers who have sustained me for over five years. During that time I have had a simply terrific community manager, Jimmy Greenfield. I am a better quilter because... Read more »

I found the perfect dog for me

When I was growing up my mother allowed us to have dogs and we loved them. However, we weren’t very good at feeding them, walking them or picking up after them. We may have made promises to the contrary but most of the work fell on my mother. When I had children, I had two... Read more »

Children's birthday parties are the best

Recently my granddaughter turned 5, an eagerly awaited event. Zara has been waiting to be five since a few weeks after she turned 4. Kids are so happy to turn a year older, it’s just one of the many reasons why children’s birthday parties are the best. Zara invited her whole class, she brought the... Read more »

Checklist to find the ultimate romantic Christmas movie

I am a relatively recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies, I need the escapism nowadays! My husband has always adored them and we play a little game when we watch them. One of us will say to the other, “Has —– happened yet?” Because part of the enjoyment is the predictability and happy endings. Using... Read more »

Explaining to my granddaughter why I cannot throw a ball

My granddaughter loves to talk and so do I. She is especially chatty when she is in the bathroom. Maybe not the best atmosphere but I do love hearing her thoughts. Today I tried to toss some toys into the office from the bathroom and failed miserably. Our talk today ended up me explaining to... Read more »

I am slowly decreasing my use of hard copies because I love the earth

I taught during the heyday of hard copies. Worksheets, planning books, grade books, quizzes, note taking sheets, heck I would even pass out blank paper because it was way faster than having them take out a piece of paper. I xeroxed, printed, mimeographed, made dittos and any other way I could find of having a... Read more »

I love the digital world but Face to Face is still tops

I write a blog. I am an unapologetic fan of social media. Obviously, I love the digital world but Face to Face is still tops. I have had several experiences lately which drove this point home. The state of Illinois has a governmental election next year. I am a retired teacher in my beloved state... Read more »

Me too posts on Facebook bring back memories

Over the weekend I noticed a number of Me too posts on Facebook. At first I didn’t know what it was all about until other people wrote more under the Me too. I felt compelled to add my own status to this testimonial. Nearly every woman with whom I am friends with on Facebook posted... Read more »

Things I still care about and haven't given up on in life

On two different Wednesdays I wrote posts about things I don’t care about and those which I had given up on. You might think from reading these that I am apathetic about life and without opinions. Au contraire! There are many things I still care about and haven’t given up on in life. Let me... Read more »

7 Things I've given up on in life

I am familiar with the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” As a result, I keep trying and eventually I usually find a way to achieve what I want. That is how I eventually learned to ride a bike, like the photos I take and eat snails. But sometimes, I have... Read more »