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I finally decided to sell my antique treadle sewing machine

My Mom used to collect antiques with a friend of hers. She would mainly buy small items and always looked for good deals. At the time, I didn’t really care that much about it but I should have paid more attention. Over the years, she gave me some items which I didn’t value enough. My... Read more »

My Mom died of Ovarian cancer because she wanted to smell good

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 57, suffered horribly and died at age 59 in 1983. Her death impacted our whole family in countless ways and we miss her to this day. We all wondered why, why did this normal, healthy woman die so young and so painfully? Today I am asking... Read more »

Thoughts while my daughter is in labor

My daughter is in labor as I write this. We are home taking care of her daughter, our granddaughter and her husband is helping her. It’s a very poignant experience, a cross of fatigue and emotion. My thoughts while my daughter is in labor conjure up the past as I look forward to the future.... Read more »


I grew up in the 1950’s when parents didn’t worry so much about self esteem. I knew that my parents loved me, most of the time at least. But when I remember some of the things my Mom used to say it can make me shake my head and laugh, all at the same time.... Read more »

Phrases most heard over the Holidays

My husband and I live in a two bed room condo with a loft above the great room which is my sewing room. The second bedroom is my office and also Zara’s hangout. We have two bathrooms, no waiting. We are both really clean and fairly quiet. Over the holidays my youngest daughter and her... Read more »

My son would be 30 years old today

June 26, 1984 was the day my son, Matthew, was born. I was happy, so happy. I had successfully delivered him V-BAC which at that point in my life mattered to me. He was a boy, at that point in my life gender of a baby seemed significant. I made triumphant phone calls and even... Read more »

Letters to a New Mom: Free advice is worth what you paid for it

Hi New Moms on your first Mother’s day! ChicagoNow bloggers are all writing you letters. I bet the thing you want the most in life is advice from us. Or maybe just some sleep instead, huh? Just ignore all the advice, even mine, because what I have found in life is that free advice is worth... Read more »

On turning 60

On Sunday, June 16,  I will turn 60 years old . Suddenly I am inexplicably and unexpectedly freaking out about it.  This from the woman who has been chirping for months that she can’t wait to be sixty years old.  My family is looking at me with a bit of disbelief flavored with trepidation.  Allow... Read more »