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Modern half square Log Cabin quilt is complete - thanks Heather Jones

When I was in Sisters, OR last July I started a modern half square Log Cabin quilt in a class with Heather Jones. It was a marvelous workshop and I was very challenged and inspired by a new way of making a quilt. I only used scissors, no rotary cutters or rulers. It was scary... Read more »

Modern Improv Half Square Log Cabin quilt top is finished

I loved getting to an important part in making a quilt. Today I am so happy that the modern improv half square Log Cabin quilt top is finished. If you missed the block post, you can catch up here. I have to admit, it is not such an easy thing to put together a quilt... Read more »

Improvised modern half Log Cabin blocks are finished

Last July I had a once in a lifetime trip to the outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. While I was there I attended a super class with Heather Jones where I made three blocks for a quilt. Here it is, December, and I am so pleased that the improvised modern half Log Cabin blocks... Read more »

Follow along as I make my first triangle quilt - step one, cutting with Marti Michell's fab template

My quilt guild has a challenge whose reveal is in October. The challenge is a “Dime” challenge, or do something that has 10 of something in it. Add to that Zara’s desire for a rainbow colored quilt for her newly decorated room and I have a quilt to make. I have been wanting to use... Read more »

Modern King sized Courthouse Steps Quilt is finished

What a marvelous feeling, the modern king sized courthouse steps quilt is finished. I am thrilled! I have a few projects I can work on now and I may stop dreaming about green fabric. I quilted this big quilt in a big design, bold like the quilt. I did geometric shapes that interconnected over all... Read more »

King Sized Modern Courthouse Steps Top is finished - phew

Cue the confetti, the king sized modern courthouse steps top is finished. What a relief. I have mentioned that I was over the process of making the blocks. Putting the blocks into strips and the strips together as the top went fast and was fun. This top is 120.5″ by 100.5″ and that is a... Read more »

Modern Courthouse Steps Blocks are finished

I have been working on these blocks for approximately 27 and a half years. Maybe a little less but it sure feels like a really long time. I am really relieved and happy that the modern courthouse steps blocks are finished, all 30 of them. Here they are in a pile, looking all innocent. I... Read more »

I finally started my Modern Courthouse Steps king size quilt

Have you ever had a project that sortof just looms over you? You know you have to do it and you will. You just need to buy a few more fabrics. And oh yes, there’s that other small quilt or gift you need to make. Before you know it, a couple of years can pass... Read more »

How to deconstruct a quilt block

Here are all the fabrics I planned on using. I didn't end up using the greyish one.
My modern quilt guild decides on topics a year at a time. Last year in 2016 the list for 2017 was published and we talked about who would volunteer to do which topics. I like to do my fair share so I volunteered to present on how to deconstruct a quilt block. Of course I... Read more »

Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise

I am delighted to report that I reached an important goal. I have a finished the Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise to Cliff. What promise? Let me tell you! When we married he would mention a Cubs quilt to which I would reply, I will make you a Cubs... Read more »