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Quilters Apothecary is a must visit for Longarm Quilters

I have a good friend who lives in Michigan City, Indiana. We became buds when our daughters started hanging out together in 3rd grade. Every summer I go for the day and she finds fun things for us to do. This year, she outdid herself. We visited The Quilters Apothecary in the TAG building. TAG... Read more »

Quilt as you go Bag part one

I was lucky enough to attend the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival and while I was there, I had some great classes. I even wrote about them! Sometimes I am bad about starting a project in a class and then not finishing it right away when I get home. And by sometimes, I mean most... Read more »

Longarm threading sewing hack

How do you feel about that title, longarm threading sewing hack? It seems a bit goofy to me to call a trick or a tip a hack but I see it all over the internet. This technique is so spectacular I had to use a new word (to me) to describe it! First time I... Read more »

Why you should get your Longarm Tuned Up

I bought myself a Gammill Longarm in June of 2010 at the International Quilt Festival, the first one I ever attended. My husband joked that it was an expensive quilt show. I ordered my machine from At the Heart of Quilting in Beloit, Wisconsin. I attended a two day orientation workshop when I first purchased... Read more »

Longarm quilter Angela Walters is my latest Quilt Heroine

I may have mentioned a time or twenty that I went to QuiltCon. I know, you’re shocked! While I was there I shopped, I mean really shopped. And I met fabulous people who ate lunch with me, made me laugh and let me thank them for previous favors. In the post about shopping and people... Read more »

Ripping out Longarm quilting is a crummy job

In my lifetime I really haven’t had any crummy jobs. All my adult jobs have been teaching, tutoring, grading AP exams and other positions in the educational field. Now that I am a quilter, I have one crummy job and that is ripping out Longarm quilting. It’s enough to make me into a knitter, those... Read more »

How to make a quilt back - modern or traditional

Yippee, you have finished your quilt top. Such a great moment, am I right? Now you want a quilt, yay! If you are bringing your quilt to a professional longarm quilter she will usually want you to provide the back and if you are quilting it yourself, you need a back. If this is your... Read more »

Modern Blue City Quilt

I love my modern blue city quilt that I just have to blog about it again.  Again? Yes, if you followed me on my other blog site (Hi to all ten of you) then you have already read its history. I think it took about 4 months and 13 or so blogs to go from... Read more »

Farm baby quilt - part one

I finished not one but two farm baby quilt tops, great, yes?  Yes, for the tops, but I have no idea how I am going to quilt them.  I think the space quilts really spoiled me, it was so easy to quilt stars and moons.  I have tried drawing all kinds of farm animals and... Read more »

University of Illinois Quilt - stroller edition updated

Oh yes, the University of Illinois Quilt for Zara’s stroller is all done!  Did you miss the blog entry where I showed how I made it?  You can check it out here.  I loaded it on the longarm and let it sit for a day while I thought about how I wanted to quilt it... Read more »
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