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Review of Christmas Quilts Christmas Memories book and exhibit at International Quilt Festival

Here is the cover of the charming book which inspired the exhibit.
I enjoy making modern traditional quilts and I adore looking at all kinds of Christmas quilts. My favorites are combinations of red, white and green so I was in luck at the International Quilt Festival. Not only did I get to see the quilts, I purchased the book as well. I am combining the two... Read more »

7 fantastic Facts about Folk Art Quilts with examples from the International Quilt Festival Chicago

There were many fascinating collections at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago this year. One which I very much enjoyed was the group of quilts in the Primitive/Folk Art Quilt section. They appealed to me, probably because we had copies of Grandma Moses’ paintings in our home growing up. The style was familiar but I... Read more »

Catherine Redford has a new book and a one woman show at International Quilt Festival 2017

There are such fun and creative ideas in here. Personally I want to use them all and some day, conquer her circle. It's stupendous.
I’m lucky to call Catherine Redford my friend. She was one of the cofounders of my Modern Quilters Guild and ran it for years. Now I only get to meet up with her when she is not traveling the world teaching classes, recording videos and conquering new quilting horizons. What’s new in her world? Catherine... Read more »

Facts about Dear Jane quilts and examples from the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Dear Jane quilts have been popular for over twenty years. However, I have always viewed them from afar; I was in awe at the workmanship but filed them under “quilts I will never make.” Because of the International Quilt Festival I am motivated to know more about them. I decided to learn more about them and share some... Read more »

Quilters are super honest as is the International Quilt Festival

In my lifetime I have not had tremendous luck with cameras. Maybe it’s bad karma from high school when my then boyfriend gave me this dopey promise ring for Christmas. I did not want it or anything it implied so I lied and said my mom would not let me keep it, let’s trade it... Read more »

I enjoyed the International Quilt Festival Chicago 2017 until I lost my camera

This weekend I enjoyed the International Quilt Festival Chicago 2017 until I lost my camera. A day of fun and then a bummer. Let’s focus first on the positive, the show itself is always well done and this year was no exception. I was very fortunate that my daughter and granddaughter accompanied me which made... Read more »

A selection of quilts from the 2016 International Quilt Festival in Chicago

I bought a program, I just like having one.
When I go to a quilt show, I like to look at a section overall and then go through it quilt by quilt. Usually the one that stood out on that first glance, stands up to a closer look. I loved all the quilts but here is a selection of quilts from the 2016 International... Read more »

The joy of attending the International Quilt Festival 2016 with a child

I attended the International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago this past weekend. I had an absolutely wonderful time. I go to as many quilt shows as I can but this one was very special because my Daughter, Emily, and my granddaughter, Zara, came with me. I am still smiling about the time we had. Driving... Read more »

My quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival

Some days are better than others. Today was an “other” which began with an email entitled ” Decline for Modern Quilts exhibit” and it didn’t ring a bell. I opened it and found out that my quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival. Bummer. I have to admit, it felt lousy to read that email.... Read more »

Drunkards Path quilt is all finished

Finishing a quilt is a huge rush for me. When I get near the end I usually push it on through. Last night I  finished the binding even though it was well past midnight. I felt  great and slept well until I  had to get up early for Aqua Exercise. I am deliriously happy to... Read more »