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Fantasy Quilter family tree

When I taught Spanish and French we always learned the names of the people in a family. In order to make it real, I would assign them a family tree creation of ANY family, it just had to have the words and pictures. It could be their family and some kids were all over this.... Read more »

19 Things only quilters say

Quilters are a special breed of folks, we just are. We’re fun, we love to sew and we have a lingo all our own. Our families and friends may understand what we are saying but the world at large needs some help. For a smile and as a guide to the uninitiated, here are things... Read more »

Quilting books that never got published

I thought it would be a best seller!
I just haven’t had any luck with publishers and my quilting books. It might be because I have never written one or tried. I’ve heard it’s hard to get a book on the market if you haven’t created one. I guess I am afraid my book would end up like these, on the slag heap... Read more »

Be happy by creating your own greeting cards

It's a two-fer!
I love sending cards to people but it can get expensive. Most of them aren’t all that clever after all. WE, quilters of the world, could make our own. Yes, I mean it! Look at your own photos, you have pictures that would be perfect! Scan them or copy them. Write a little something on... Read more »

Really bad sewing advice for fun and laughs

I was poking around on different sewing sites today and read a lot of sewing advice. Most of it was posted as comments to the posts. I was really shocked at some of the tips people gave. Then I started getting silly about it, trying to top their tips. I decided I feel like just... Read more »

Quilt labels that would be hilarious to create

Sometimes I am full of hot talk, I act like I would do some naughty things when we all know I would not! Today I am at it again, posting about quilt labels that would be hilarious to create. You know I never would, right? I just like to pretend. Let’s see what funny labels... Read more »

Fall Sewing is the bald headed stepchild of the sewing world

What season do Americans prefer? Spring, according to this poll. This surprised me as I see so many IG and FB posts about loving fall. However, I don’t see that love being carried over into quilts and other projects. In fact, I follow a lot of quilters on various social media platforms and I’ve concluded that... Read more »

The struggle IS real in quilting and sewing

I see a whole lot of “the struggle is real” on Twitter and Facebook. 99% of the time, it’s tongue in cheek. (Does anyone use that expression any more? I’m old, my references are old. #thestruggleisreal.) I think quilters have exaggerated complaints to add to the pile and you know why? The struggle is real... Read more »

Quilters need more hashtags but don't worry, I've got you covered

A fellow blogger and friend of mine published a creative post on Favorite hashtags for parents. Of course I am stealing being inspired by her idea! I think Quilters need more hashtags and I am about to supply them. First let’s reminisce a bit about the symbol for hashtag, #. I remember when it meant... Read more »

Reasons we quilters give for not finishing a project

I love quilts and quilters and because I am one of this community I can laugh at myself, at all of us. Most of my humor posts are just that, stretching the truth to its most ridiculous. It’s fun! So today let’s examine reasons we quilters give for not finishing a project. 1. I can’t... Read more »
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