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After Halloween blahs

Halloween used to be one day when I was young. My sisters and I trick or treated until about 8th grade and then that was it. With my oldest daughter Halloween involved more parties and by the time the youngest was involved, it lasted longer. I resisted this transition to a full blown holiday but now... Read more »

How to create an easy Gus from Cinderella costume

Tonight was Henry’s turn for a costume and I was ready for a fast sew in! He is going to be with his sister so he has to match with her while he will still let us. We chose the helper mouse from the movie. I want to share with you how to create an... Read more »

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly book club was an Oktoberfest delight

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly book club was an Oktoberfest delight at my condo yesterday. We read three classic novels a year and this choice was perfect for this time of year. Let me tell you all about the fun. My last post described how I created the table runner you see on the table with... Read more »

How to create a DIY Scrappy Halloween table runner

I am going to host a Frankenstein book club this weekend and I decided I needed a scrappy Halloween table runner. I still have to put the binding on it but I will include pictures of that when I post about our Grand finale. It’s going to be a Frankenstein/October Fest, too much fun! In the meantime,... Read more »

Sewing for a Frankenstein book club and Halloween

Have you ever read the original Frankenstein by Mary Shelly? Me either! But that is about to change. My classics book club is reading it and will discuss it in, when else, October. I have to figure out what I am going to be sewing for a Frankenstein book club and Halloween. I am eager... Read more »

Quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top

Halloween is on the horizon and it’s a great idea for picking up good deals on kids’ clothing. My daughter snapped up matching shirts for her children but Zara balked. She wanted a girl version! Luckily I had a quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top and I am here to... Read more »

Halloween atmosphere can be fatal to some - please call if it makes you think about suicide

Halloween is a time of year for decorating, parades, candy and costumes. It can also involve Vampires, cobwebs and fake blood. In addition, there are decorations which take things a step further with created corpses in trees, fake graveyards and tombstones. All of these elements are combined in Haunted Houses which scare some and delight... Read more »

DIY Shimmer Costume finished with some sewing and some purchases

I made a Shimmer costume for my granddaughter from the Shimmer and Shine cartoon. Don’t feel bad, if I didn’t have a 3 year old granddaughter I would have never heard of it either. I wrote about getting the patterns here and finishing the vest in this post. In my opinion, the vest is the... Read more »

DIY How to make your own Shimmer Costume Step One

You’ve probably been wondering what ever happened to the Shimmer, of Shimmer and Shine fame, costume. I wrote about finding the patterns, etc. in this post. I was super early about gathering the supplies and then I let it marinate. It’s the middle of October so I am working on it now. I am going... Read more »

To Kill a Mockingbird book club was a culinary and literary success

I love writing about my 3 Classics in one Year Book Club grand finales. We haven’t met since January so it was even more fun for that reason. Our To Kill a Mockingbird book club was a culinary and literary success, yay! Of course having a fabulous book really helped. All of us had read... Read more »