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My quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival

Some days are better than others. Today was an “other” which began with an email entitled ” Decline for Modern Quilts exhibit” and it didn’t ring a bell. I opened it and found out that my quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival. Bummer. I have to admit, it felt lousy to read that email.... Read more »

Drunkards Path quilt is all finished

Finishing a quilt is a huge rush for me. When I get near the end I usually push it on through. Last night I  finished the binding even though it was well past midnight. I felt  great and slept well until I  had to get up early for Aqua Exercise. I am deliriously happy to... Read more »

Drunkards Path top and back are finished

The grand thing about having a couple of quilts going on the same time is the lack of boredom. The worst part is when they both have deadlines and the dates are close. I just finished the Modern baby quilt in time for the shower and bam, I am back in the sewing studio with... Read more »

Spectacular Marti Michell templates for Drunkards path challenge part two

I have written before about how much I love Marti Michell and how clever she is. I have also confessed to not being a template gal but I take it all back! The wonderful people at Marti Michell read my post, Drunkards Path part one and sent me their templates to try as I continued... Read more »

Drunkards Path challenge part one

I saw this picture on Pinterest, not sure even how or why I stumbled upon it. I decided that I wanted a quilt version. Which is to say, nothing really like it.
My Modern Quilting Guild has a fun challenge for this month, a modern interpretation of Drunkards Path. If we like our final product, we can also enter them to see if they will be accepted to be exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. Added on to all of that, I want to make... Read more »

Block Challenge Quilt is a modern baby quilt

I love babies and I love quilts so when I can combine the two, I am all over it! As you know, I have been working on a block challenge for a few months now. I finished the top a couple of weeks ago and the whole quilt a few days ago. I take great... Read more »

Modern Block Challenge Quilt top done

I have been itching to get to this challenge quilt. I wrote about it so long ago that you’ve probably forgotten. You can read about the 10 Blocks if you missed that post. Are you wondering how I got the modern block challenge quilt top done? I knew it and that’s why I wrote this... Read more »

Modern Friendship Star Quilts at the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Make New Friends by Yvette Thorn is very clever play on the friend song I learned in elementary school. Plus I love the piecing!
I have written quite a bit about my Friendship Star Quilt, I loved making it, thinking about it and quilting it. I can’t wait to give it to our new grandson in August. But first I got to celebrate its inclusion in the special exhibit of Modern Friendship Star Quilts at the International Quilt Festival... Read more »

Friendship Star Quilt top completed

Last year at this time I made a quilt in a week and I am talking even quilted. This year I am having trouble with my Friendship Star, I feel I have drug my feet through each stage. I am happy to report that the Friendship Star quilt top is completed. Finally! Last time I... Read more »

DIY Mini Quilt Ornament tutorial

Did you see the post about the funky tea cup ornament? I wasn’t so sure if funky was what something wanted on a Christmas Tree. Maybe Christmas trees are more traditional? I decided to hedge my bet and make another ornament plus, I think I might be addicted. Making ornaments is really fun. Are you... Read more »