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Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine lifted me up

It’s kind of dreary here in Chicagoland, the skies are grey. I’ve been really trying to keep a positive balance in my thoughts and mood. I find that sewing helps my mood as do my grandchildren. And yes, coffee is a big help as well. If you know me at all you know that I... Read more »

What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older

Lately I have had a bit of a dilemma and maybe you have had it also.  What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older? I already have bifocals, medications for eye issues and really excellent lighting. I needed a bit more help so I decided to try a new needle... Read more »

12 Great Gift ideas to buy Grandma from a Grandma

It is sometimes hard to know what to buy people. There are easy ways, for example, you can ask the person! Or they and everyone else in your family can set up a wish list on Amazon. If you are wondering what to get for your grandmother I can help. Here are some terrific gift ideas to... Read more »

10 Creative New gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers

If you are looking for new gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers then you have come to the right blog post. Some gift recipients have been sewing and quilting for years, even decades. They have lots of tools, scissors, thread, etc.  They need creative new gift ideas for Quilters, cool stuff that they don’t already have.... Read more »

I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon

I was lucky enough to turn 63 last Thursday and I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon. It was fabulous! My present from my husband was taking me to Quilt week in Paducah, this was my present from me to me! I started off on Wednesday by getting dressed, then I... Read more »

Making a quilt should be celebrated like running a marathon

In my family there are numerous runners.  I was briefly one of them but it just isn’t in my arsenal of talents and interests. Multiple relatives have finished marathons, a cool achievement. I have cheered them on and liked their pictures on Facebook. In my family there is only one person who has made a... Read more »

Sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing

I have certain items in my wardrobe that I prefer over others. There is one nightgown that I swear lets me sleep better. Some of my shoes are so cute, I just love wearing them. But right now, my sewing machine leggings are my favorite article of clothing. Yes, you read that right. I have... Read more »

Stocking presents Christmas was perfect for this Quilter

This year, I got my Christmas present early, it was a trip to NYC with my girlfriends to see plays, eat and sight-see. My husband got his brand new iPad Pro the very day it came out for his. (Yes, he is a tech geek.) As a result, we agreed to only fill each other’s... Read more »

9 Quilt T Shirts I would like to design

I love knits, you don’t have to iron them and they are super comfy. I wear lots of University of Illinois t-shirts and quilty t-shirts. I am tall and fluffy and knits shrink so my preferred shirt is a WOMEN’s size  3X V-necked t-shirt. These are incredibly hard to find. Some will say they are... Read more »

What do you get a quilter for her birthday?

What do you get a quilter for her birthday? I mean, what do you get THIS quilter for her birthday? I have to admit, I have just about every present a quilter could want.  You think I’m kidding? Let me tell you how indulged I am and how much good loot you can accumulate in... Read more »