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12 Timely Facts about the history of MLB Baseball Uniforms and Sewing

I’ve been watching a lot of baseball, also listening to and shrieking along with the games. My reactions are somewhat different than my husband’s, he really watches the ball. I look at the players, wonder how they are feeling and muse about what they are wearing. You might be thinking, “Uniforms, they are wearing uniforms!”... Read more »

12 basic Facts about Rick Rack

I have a drawer full of trims that I bought decades ago at the Wright factory outlet store. I also inherited my Mom’s trim collection which made mine fairly complete. I was glad I had it when a call for a bit of rick rack went up from a guild member. I was glad to... Read more »

12 Scintillating Facts about Seersucker Fabric

I used to wear a lot of seersucker in the summer. I really liked it because it was cool, like linen, but it didn’t wrinkle like linen. One of my most edgy outfits I ever made was a pair of striped seersucker culottes and a blouse made from red and white tablecloth fabric. I loved... Read more »

10 Fun Facts about Presser Feet

I love learning new things, especially anything connected to sewing. A post with facts about presser feet seemed like a natural only first, I have a confession to make. I started sewing in 1967 and have owned various machines and read their manuals. I have read books, blogs and Facebook posts and until 2015, I... Read more »

12 Reliable Facts about seam rippers

I think everyone knows what a seam ripper is as it’s part of every basic sewing kit. I can remember buying a plastic one in 8th grade which I had for a very long time. Its presence in my sewing kit was replaced by way fancier and better versions. As I have added good looking... Read more »

12 Perfect Facts about Paisley

I have recently read both volumes of Persepolis and had a book club meal at my house for the first one. While researching how to decorate the table I googled fabric from Iran. The results that came up were all for paisleys from Persia and in fact, I ordered one. It was different than the... Read more »

12 Catchy Facts about Crazy Quilts

I own three crazy quilts that I inherited from my Mother. She loved to shop at Antique shops and pick up bargains. At the time, I didn’t appreciate everything that she was bringing home but I am sure glad that I had the sense to hang onto these quilts. Before I got my own quilts... Read more »

Snappy Facts about snaps

In the sewing world we are very familiar with snaps and the word conjures up a certain object. I knew it had other meanings but when I looked it up on, I was shocked that the definition for which I was seeking was the 25th given. 25th!  Therefore, I want to preface this post,... Read more »

12 Lively Facts about Linen

When I was a teacher I used to wear jumpers, not the British kind but the American dress that has been scorned and maligned since it went out of style. I loved jumpers, I even wore one on my first date with my husband. Two of my favorite jumpers were made of linen. I loved... Read more »

Fascinating and fun Facts about Flannel

I have made several flannel quilts and in my 20’s, I wore flannel nightgowns. I don’t wear flannel anymore because I find it way too warm which makes it ideal for cozy quilts. However, of all the quilts I have made, the flannel ones are those that have self destructed. They wear, rip, sag and... Read more »