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Havana Lost Book Club

Last year my husband and I visited Cuba, a life long goal that I finally was able to realize. This visit surpassed my expectations but did not quell my Cuba obsession. I still want to learn and read as much as I can about this complex island. I searched for more books on Cuba and... Read more »

What you need to Know before visiting Cuba Legally

We recently visited Cuba legally, on a People to People trip. Before we went I was scouring the web looking for a post that would give me the scoop on what I needed to know. I never found exactly what I was looking for so I thought I would write it instead.  Some of my... Read more »

Cars in Cuba

This was the first car I saw, fresh off the plane I snapped this red and white car.
Cuba has a great many American cars from the 1950’s which are still working and are seen on nearly every street. Because of the US Embargo, they cannot import new parts for these cars so they make do, using parts from other cars. Many of them are also repainted. The cars in Cuba are practically... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuba book club

Friday night was our Dreaming in Cuba book club. There were supposed to be nine of us but we ended up with 7, still a pretty good number for discussing a book. I had the best time because everyone let me show pictures from Cuba. I even loaded them into a Powerpoint presentation so I... Read more »

Art in Cuba and my next quilt

An Island such as Cuba is never very far from water. When I think of Cuba, I think of water, I want that in my quilt.
Our recent trip to Cuba was a People to People trip designed to educate us about not only the people who live there but how they express themselves. We visited schools, heard music, went to concerts, experienced organic farming and reclaimed coffee plantations. Throughout the week, we saw art, much of it urban. I loved... Read more »

7 reasons for keeping your own last name

I teach a lesson on Spanish names that explains how everyone in Spain and Mexico has a name on their birth certificate which they carry through life. People have their first name, their father’s last name and their mother’s paternal last name. As one of my students explained, “So if Beyoncé and JayZee lived there,... Read more »

Sewing in Cuba

My husband and I just got back from 8 days in Cuba, a fantastic adventure! I am still mulling over all I saw and learned in our People to People government authorized experience. I am sure there will be more posts about this journey but I wanted to write first about sewing in Cuba. People... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuban

This was a fun week for me, it started out with St. Patrick’s day, a fabulous holiday. Then the very next day I got to go see Cristina Garcia, a very favorite author of mine. She wrote the book Dreaming in Cuban which I recently reread. When I saw that the moderator was Teresa Puente,... Read more »