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The Bluest Eye book club - a book everyone should read

Today was our first book club meeting of 2018 and it was a fabulous one. We enjoyed The Bluest Eye book club finale and not just because it is a book everyone should read. We enjoyed it because of the discussion, the company of smart women and the food. Oh, yes, we had food. We... Read more »

Review of Christmas Quilts Christmas Memories book and exhibit at International Quilt Festival

Here is the cover of the charming book which inspired the exhibit.
I enjoy making modern traditional quilts and I adore looking at all kinds of Christmas quilts. My favorites are combinations of red, white and green so I was in luck at the International Quilt Festival. Not only did I get to see the quilts, I purchased the book as well. I am combining the two... Read more »

Review of the book Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen

I don’t want to brag but I have quite a collection of charm packs. I went wild buying them a few years back and even now I can’t resist buying a few each year. I really need to stop accumulating them and start sewing with them. This intent led me to purchase a book and... Read more »

Quilting books that never got published

I thought it would be a best seller!
I just haven’t had any luck with publishers and my quilting books. It might be because I have never written one or tried. I’ve heard it’s hard to get a book on the market if you haven’t created one. I guess I am afraid my book would end up like these, on the slag heap... Read more »

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly book club was an Oktoberfest delight

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly book club was an Oktoberfest delight at my condo yesterday. We read three classic novels a year and this choice was perfect for this time of year. Let me tell you all about the fun. My last post described how I created the table runner you see on the table with... Read more »

How the Garcia Girls lost their Accents book club food and fun

How would you like to read all about my How the Garcia Girls lost their Accents book club food and fun? I thought so! It is the first novel by Julia Alvarez with many themes that relate to all of us. I love book clubs and sewing for them. Do you remember the fantastic literary fabric... Read more »

Sewing for a Frankenstein book club and Halloween

Have you ever read the original Frankenstein by Mary Shelly? Me either! But that is about to change. My classics book club is reading it and will discuss it in, when else, October. I have to figure out what I am going to be sewing for a Frankenstein book club and Halloween. I am eager... Read more »

DIY Literary table runner for the book club win - a step by step tutorial

Isn't this a great table runner? Want to know how to make one? Let's do it step by step.
I love reading books and I love sewing. Obviously, I am not alone as Heather Givans of Crimson Tate designed a fabric line called literary and it’s all about books and reading. I bought a bundle of fat quarters and some yardage. Then I wished I could make quilts, clothes and more quilts out of... Read more »

Review of Go Big Go Bold by Barbara Cain

I know I was influenced to buy this book by my class at Sisters. Heather Jones encouraged us to go big, think big and sew big. I liked it, a lot! I know that my grandchildren will go through several stages of quilts as they age. I don’t want to work a year on blocks... Read more »

Review of Intuitive Color and Design by Jean Wells

Jean Wells is a legend in the quilt world for a multitude of reasons. I am a new fan, having gotten myself to this point via her shop in Sisters, Oregon. Now I could kick myself that I have not had my eye out for her at other quilting events and shows. However, better late... Read more »