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Changes at ChicagoNow and my blog

There are changes at ChicagoNow and my blog, let me tell you all about them. First of all, I blog as part of ChicagoNow, a community of bloggers who have sustained me for over five years. During that time I have had a simply terrific community manager, Jimmy Greenfield. I am a better quilter because... Read more »

Results are in for my 2017 goals

In January of 2017, I set 12 goals for myself. I am a bit nervous to see how I did. 1. iPod – I have been bound and determined to conquer this for years and in January I did strip it down and reload music. Then I got Alexa for my office and one I... Read more »

The best parts of 5 years of blogging

On September 23, 2012 I published my first blog post on ChicagoNow. It was pretty underwhelming and so was the response.  Slowly I got better at this and more people started reading my posts. I wasn’t sure how long I would keep blogging but here I am! I have kept at it because of the... Read more »

3 stupendous blog updates and one bummer

I am beginning to think that blogging about quilting is almost as magnificent as quilting! After nearly 5 years I sometimes receive terrific emails or comments on old blogs or learn spectacular tips from my readers. I am thrilled that I have 3 stupendous blog updates to report and (sad trombone) one bummer update. First... Read more »

Happy updates on previous blog posts

I have some news, updates on previous blog posts. I always like to let you know how something turned out or if something has changed. Let me fill you in on different goings on with things I have written before. The update that I am most excited to give you is about the case I... Read more »

Updates on posts from the past

I have some updates on posts from the past, aren’t you pretty darn excited? Yay, because I just had to share changes that had occurred since I first posted about some events in my life. Let’s get to it, shall we? First of all, do you remember when I posted about my deck? Of course... Read more »

Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine lifted me up

It’s kind of dreary here in Chicagoland, the skies are grey. I’ve been really trying to keep a positive balance in my thoughts and mood. I find that sewing helps my mood as do my grandchildren. And yes, coffee is a big help as well. If you know me at all you know that I... Read more »

Top and favorite posts of 2016

I enjoyed blogging in 2016, there were very few times I really didn’t have a bunch of ideas built up. When I went on vacations, I scheduled blogs with memes, ecards or something not very timely. I published 4 or 5 times a week and had 233,591 different hits on my blogs with over 200,000 people... Read more »

Blog post number 1000

This is blog post number 1000 for Quilting Sewing Creating. One thousand times I have sat down at my computer and written a post. 615,521 people from 213 countries have visited my blog and racked up 1,076,829 pages views since September 23, 2012. Day by day, thought by thought and 4 years later I have... Read more »

Updates on earlier posts

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the feedback I get from people about my posts. Sometimes they just want to chat and other times they clue me into things I had not thought about. I wanted to share some of these contributions in this post which I shall call updates... Read more »