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Reflections on the rise of Neo Nazis in our beloved country

My father fought in World War II so I was always clear on the concept that Nazis were evil. When I was in 5th grade I read The Diary of Anne Frank and the horror of the Nazis was burned into my being, never to diminish. I am in despair that there is a rise... Read more »

Two quilters meet for lunch - Or What we have here is a failure to communicate

Old soldiers just fade away. What do quilters do? I am not sure but perhaps they are just waiting in the wrong place or at the wrong time! I have to tell you about my recent brunch adventure – or what we have here is a failure to communicate. Okay, not that drastic of a failure... Read more »

I piece and patch fabric as well as myself - thoughts on my 64th birthday

I am 64 years old today and it seems to me that I piece and patch fabric as well as myself, I am serious. I am not only a quilter but turning into a bit of a patchwork quilt. I wish I could actually use fabric pieces to patch myself up. A trip to the quilt... Read more »

Mocking older people really makes me angry

I am old, I freely and confidently admit it. I am just about to be 64 and I am darn lucky. So many people don’t get to grow old. World wide, the average life expectancy is 71, which means half die before then. If you don’t die young, you are lucky and will get old.... Read more »

Let's talk about bidets

I traveled to Mexico in High School and lived in Spain for a year in college. I don’t know when I learned about bidets but there must have been a moment when someone clued me in. I imagine a teacher or friend said, Let’s talk about bidets. When I took students to France for the... Read more »

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy. Crazy I tell you! I had to find a new way to reclaim part of my office, where we keep their toys. Why do we have so many toys? Because our sweethearts come here 3 days a week and we love watching them. Part... Read more »

What is the peak age for quilting?

When I taught Spanish and French I used to wish that I had been able to expose my students to the language at a younger age. People learn another language but they will never sound native after puberty, they will always have an accent. What prompted me to think about this? I’m glad you asked. There... Read more »

What did you do on International Women's day?

I decided to make a sign mentioning my former teaching experience and not quilting. I also wore a red t-shirt and coat.
Wednesday, March 8, was International Women’s day, a wonderful concept and certainly celebration worthy. What did you do on International Women’s day?  A couple of weeks ago I figured I would wear red, done. But my energized and motivated daughter decided to plan and hold a Women’s day march right here about 6 days ago. We are... Read more »

We Quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric

I have a sewing studio in the loft above my great room. I feel the call of my latest project constantly. I often feel I am indulging myself when I get to go upstairs and sew or quilt. Today I was reminded that we quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric. Not that... Read more »

I've learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects

I’ve learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects. I used to get frustrated as I can get pretty focused on my self imposed deadlines. I love juggling sewing projects. I am very satisfied to have one quilt I am piecing, another I am quilting and a third endeavor being cut out. I... Read more »