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Modern Jungle Quilt is Finished

Last night I was up in my sewing room sewing the binding on the jungle quilt. Lighting was flashing, thunder was crashing and I was dashing towards quilt completion. The storm blew itself out just as I took my final stitches. I had calm skies and the thought that the modern jungle quilt is finished... Read more »

Modern Crazy Quilt style bib with African Fabrics

Crazy quilt were really popular over a hundred years ago. They had bits of fabric added together and stitching on the seams. They had embellishments!
I get a kick out of the challenges from my guild but I was hesitant at first about trying them. . I forced the issue two years ago by making a New Year’s Resolution to do more challenges. Amazingly enough, that did the trick. But sometimes I do a mini “taste” version of the challenge.... Read more »

Modern Jungle Quilt Top Completed

I love that the Modern Jungle Quilt Top is complete, what a wonderful feeling. I rarely complete a quilt top too quickly and this was no exception. I would like to offer the explanation that it was because I had no pattern, I was just making it up as I went along. But I have... Read more »

Progress on the Modern Jungle Quilt

I started a new African jungle quilt over a month ago. You’ve probably forgotten about it, yes? No? If you missed it you can read it here. We all probably thought it would be wrapping up about now. But life happened and my focus on the quilt changed. I’ve decided that I want it to... Read more »

Nala and Simba Quilt is Finished

I stayed up sewing really late sewing on Wednesday night. I was tired the next day but it was worth it because the Nala and Simba Quilt is finished. I am quilter, hear me roar! My dear Gladys, the Gammill longarm, has been in a really good mood lately. As a result, my only challenge... Read more »

New African Jungle quilt - part one

I am quilting the Nala and Simba quilt which means I have to have another quilt to play with. I like to always have 3 – one on the Longarm,, one on the design board and one in my head. Right now my head is full of African quilts and fabrics. I even bought the... Read more »

Nala and Simba panel quilt part two

Zara is not waiting patiently for her quilt but I guess she is learning something about how much I like to take my time. I did finally finish the top, woot woot! I am not sure if you read part one but this is the Nala and Simba panel quilt part two. Let me show... Read more »

Nala and Simba panel quilt part one

A while ago I wrote a post about a box of free fabrics I received from The Fabric Society. In that box was a panel featuring the Lion King Cubs. I finally got around to starting that project, thank in no small part to my granddaughter really wanting me to sew it already! I am... Read more »