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5 kinds of scissors are must haves

I have really excellent scissor skills according to my granddaughter. I believe her because I love scissors and being a quilter and a sewist, I use them all the time. I have way too many scissors in my sewing studio some of which I could live without. I think 5 kinds of scissors are must... Read more »

7 important lessons quilting and sewing have taught me

I prefer to sew on a daily basis but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I enjoy the heck out of quilting and sewing but I think I have gained more than just enjoyment from my hobby. I would like to share with you 7 important lessons quilting and sewing have taught me. 1. Mistakes – Who... Read more »

Really bad sewing advice for fun and laughs

I was poking around on different sewing sites today and read a lot of sewing advice. Most of it was posted as comments to the posts. I was really shocked at some of the tips people gave. Then I started getting silly about it, trying to top their tips. I decided I feel like just... Read more »

How to repair a broken grommet quilted bag

Have you ever had a sewing project on your to do list for say, 10 years? Me too! Believe or not, I finally got one of them done! Not only is it done but I am going to tell you how to repair a broken grommet quilted bag. You can see the original grommet quilted... Read more »

Here's a quick tip for removing threads NOW

Growing up we always had a wooden clothes brush handy. My mother would use it on our good clothes, sometimes before we were in them and sometimes after. It would take off lint, hair and other annoying specks detracting from our outfits. I even got one to take with me to college in an attractive... Read more »

If I drink my water from a Hydro Flask am I the coolest quilter ever?

The first time I went to Portland to visit my daughter I felt like I was thirsty the entire time. I had a really hard time finding bottled water to take with me while visiting the city. Everyone seemed to carry refillable water bottles with them and utilize the refilling stations. This time I was... Read more »

Don't panic when you run out of fabric for a quilt you're sewing

King sized quilts use up a lot of fabric. I know, I know, in other news, water is wet. Who doesn’t know that a king sized quilt will use up a ton of fabric. Apparently, I did not. On Saturday I had a moment of panic. I was about to run out of fabric for a... Read more »

Play list for sewing mishaps

How about when you break a needle that is basically brand new? Let's see if we can't find a song for your mood.
Have you ever made a mistake while sewing? Me too, all the time. Sometimes I have to walk away. Sometimes I just breathe and every once in a while I may say a bad word or two. I need a new response and for that reason I created a play list for sewing mishaps. Flip... Read more »

What makes a quilter a VETERAN quilter?

A while ago I published a post on what makes a teacher a veteran teacher. The word veteran has been on my mind since then. I recently attended a workshop where the teacher had us declare how long we had been quilting. Some of the participants labelled themselves as new quilters but that seemed to... Read more »

My take on the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community

I am a quilter and I love the quilting community. I have taken wonderful classes, attended superb quilt shows and met kind hearted people. I am generally so darn proud to be a quilter. Today, however, I was not. I had non quilting friends posting about the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community and... Read more »