How to create crazy quilt Christmas ornaments

I was recently invited to a Christmas ornament and cookie exchange. I do not bake but my daughter is a baking whiz! She volunteered to make my cookies and I promised to make her ornament.


Here are the four ornaments that I ended up with. I know there are two too many but once I got going, I just kept sewing. I will give the extras to my grandchildren.

Don’t worry if you can’t see them well in this picture, I have close ups of each one coming up. However, the close ups are of the opposite side so that they look good no matter how they swing around on the tree.

Now that you have seen them, let’s talk about how to create crazy quilt Christmas ornaments. I call them crazy quilt because it’s a modern approach to that kind of quilt. However, everything is done by machine.


The very first thing you need are some scraps of Christmas fabric and a piece of batting. I happen to have 3 drawers of Christmas fabrics, separated by color. I took some from each drawer.

I have way too many drawers of leftover batting. I decided to use iron on which was handy for doing the decorative stitches. It made the ornaments a bit tricky to turn inside out.


The next step is the most fun. You just sew strips or bits of fabric together. Make sure some go horizontally and others vertically.

Then I ironed on the batting. I roughly cut it the size of the piece of fabric I had created. I didn’t worry if it was totally secure, just secure enough.

I then went through and used nearly all my decorative stitches on every seam line, this was the longest part of the project. I started with green, switched to red and ended up with white. I did a row of stitching in the middle of each solid strip. orna-re-2

I had downloaded some printable shapes and I decided on stockings and mittens. I cut out a pattern and a reverse of the pattern. I added a quarter inch seam to each pattern.

I placed them on the fabric in all different ways so I would get a variety of fabrics in each ornament. I twisted and turned them every which way and cut them out carefully.

orna-re-9As you can see, I have plenty of fabric left to make more. I only needed two but I often get carried away.

I sewed them right sides together. I left the top free and used it to turn them inside out. I pressed the ornaments, ironed the opening fabric inside and added a folded orna-re-4piece of ribbon at the top.

To finish them off, I did a heavy blanket stitch across the top. I hung them all on our little bitty tree so I could take pictures. Sometimes I had to start the blanket stitching on one side and move to the other end.

I had to change needles midway through this project. I did a lot of stitching through that batting and it dulled my needle.

I think the mittens photographed well. I hope you can see the details in these orna-re-5pictures.

These mittens are the reverse of the mittens in the original picture. They have nice body to them because of the batting. I thought about not using the batting and just stuffing them at the end.orna-re-6

That is another definite possibility. However, I would check and make sure the seams are sturdy enough for the stitching without a backing. Maybe a bit of interfacing would help?

For some reason, the shots of the stockings are not as effective. But I do like them both. I would make these again.

In fact, I may be making them sooner than later. I saved that piece of fabric and the patterns.


When my grandkids get older, who knows, I may have a decent sized tree again. Fresh ornaments would look good.

Happy holidays to you! Whatever you celebrate, enjoy!

Sew happy!

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