Their eyes were watching God book club and sewing

I have been yearning to write about Their Eyes were Watching God book club and sewing I did for it. Finally, ta da, I am!


Fiction is my favorite genre, I really enjoy the escapism of made up stories. Even when the story is sad, I know it isn’t real. That enables me to accept whatever happens in the story.

My daughter had read this book in school, but I never had. Zora Neal Hurston was a neglected author for quite a while. Now, thankfully, she is not.

I gobbled this book up, it was very different from anything else I had ever read. We had four months to read it for my 3 Classics in One Year Book club. I finished it right away and used the book club finale as a goal for my quilting guild challenges. eye-1

We had three challenges which are represented here on this table. We had an “F” challenge first. We had to make something that represented that letter to us. I chose Forks and make a dozen napkins with utensil fabric. They were done so easily! I did the hems on my serger,


I decided to get more Forkish fabric to make placemats. And while I was making them, couldn’t I do another project for our envelope challenge? I had already made the envelope quilt so this was a bonus.

I had made black and white ones for my last book club so I was happy to have blue ones. I love blue! I also changed the side where the pocket was located.eye-4

The blue led me to our 3rd challenge, an all one color quilt. I decided to make a long skinny quilt, otherwise know as a table runner. I used some blue and blue fork fabric.


In the book they eat quite a few times. There is also an important male character named Tea Cake. This was the first food item I chose for our meal.

Other members brought other desserts as quite frankly, I wasn’t crazy about the Tea Cakes. Maybe ordering them by mail wasn’t the best way to sample the tastiest tea cakes?eye-5

Of course we had other things to eat before dessert but the spread looks a bit dull. I needed some flowers or a table runner to perk up the photo. In a significant scene, Tea Cake wants to feel rich so he orders Chicken and mac ‘n cheese for all his friends.

I made the mac ‘n cheese, not from a box even! My husband picked up the fried chicken for us and it was really good. My daughter made corn bread and another member made beans.

It was a delicious meal. During dessert, we discussed the book using these questions. I love my book club, all smart and thoughtful women.

And here they are!


Sew happy!

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