Hooray! A Hallmark Christmas Movie finally includes a Quilter

I am so excited and I am sure you are as well. Everyone in the quilting world is saying Hooray! A Hallmark Christmas movie finally includes a Quilter. I can stop complaining!

cmq-re-0Yes, I have complained, I admit it. A few years ago I wrote a post that Hallmark Christmas movies need to include quilters.  Here we are in 2018 and the miracle of all miracles has happened, a Christmas movie featuring a quilter.

How did this happen?

For those of you who don’t know, I will tell you. It’s pretty fun.

Marie Bostwick writes great novels which feature quilts in clever ways. 24402824 One of these best sellers was The Second Sister.  I read it and really liked it.

Lo and behold, Hallmark decided to change the title to Christmas Everlasting, jingle bell up the plot and put it out as a romantic Christmas movie. It debuted on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, November 24, 2018. Marie even hosted a fun watch party on Facebook.

She gave away books, patterns, fabric and cheese! I enjoyed all the giveaways during the commercial breaks, it made it more of a group experience. I didn’t win anything but that’s ok! I already have her book!


While watching it, I asked my husband to pause the movie so I could take this picture. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Quilters! Quilts! Quilting!

This part of the movie really followed the book well. This was not the only scene with quilts in it. If you watched the movie already you know the excitement I am describing. If you haven’t watched it, I hope you will!ce2

There are famous actors in this movie and everything! Here are Patti LaBelle and Dennis Hasbert looking good in Christmas sweaters. If you follow Marie Bostwick’s facebook page you will see that she made quilts for many cast members including Ms. Labelle.


Here are the two leads in Lucy’s Christmas to the max house. (It is gorgeous by the way and are the leads!) But I digress.

There is also a sewing room and a quilting bee in the movie. There are quilts in a trunk, on the sofa and the wall. It was a quilter’s dream come true, well, at least this quilter.

I have to congratulate Hallmark for making a movie with such a wonderful sewing subplot.

Now when’s the next one?

Sew happy!

Enjoy the trailer to remember the movie or anticipate seeing it!

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