I made pillows to match my coffee table and I love them

I made pillows to match my coffee table and I love them, just love them. It was a project on my to sew list for quite a while and I finally got around to making them. Let’s see what I wanted to match.


I purchased this in May from Wayfair because I wanted to add something fun and bright to my living/great room. This certainly did the trick. I also ordered some plain pillows to be a bit of a placeholder as I pondered just what I wanted.



I had the picture on my phone and pulled some solids to mimic the palette. I cut strips of 5.5″ and 4.5″ by the width of the fabric. I added bits here and there. Then I hung them on my design wall.


I kept hanging them until it seemed that it would be the width I wanted. The pillow forms I bought were 20″square.  This seemed like enough?

You might be thinking, might? What do you mean, “might?” How about using math and measuring. pillow-re-4

I thought about that, I really did. But where is the sport in that? Plus, I would probably just do the math wrong.

I sewed it all together to create the “fabric” I wanted. I figured I would have to trim it a bit just like a normal piece of fabric.

I cut two 20.5″ squares and had left over fabric. I divided that in two to create two 20.5″ by 14″ rectangles, both of which I hemmed on the edge. I made two equal sized plain blue pieces and hemmed them.pillow-re-10


This created the two backs. I always make this kind of “envelope” back so I can wash the pillows one day.

I sewed these, right sides together to the squares. I finished them off on my serger.

Before I had a serger, I used to just sew all around twice. It’s easy because there is no need to leave a gap, you just pull it out using the the overlap created in back.

I also like the comfort of not having a zipper in the pillow, or cording. My family loves to lie down on the couch and take a snooze. Maybe not just my family.

Fine, I’ve been known to nap on the couch and I need soft all over pillows.


Here is the front side of one of the pillows. It doesn’t match the coffee table exactly,pillow-re-5 it just reflects the same colors.

The second one is not just like the first one, just similar. They are exactly the idea I had in my head since I purchased the coffee table back in May.

I thought about quilting the pillow tops before I sewed them to the back. I decided that the table was sleek and flat, I wanted the pillows to be the same way. I even ironed all the seams open to make them more flat.

Here they are, on the sofa. Why did I keep the place holder pillows? Because Zara adores laying on the cozy fleece side.



Sew happy!

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