My last UFO is finished

I am begging you, do not hate me because my last UFO is finished. Instead celebrate with me that I do not have any more UnFinished Objects yet to sew. A couple of years ago I decided to do something with all my UFO’s. I participated in an orphan block exchange with my guild. I donated two sets of blocks to another guild. I even finished another one. Finally I was down to 43 blocks.

done-re-1Once I had those 43 made into a top, I knew I would do it. I would astound myself and finish my last UFO.

To encourage myself I wrote a post about it and showed the top at Guild. Then I put it back on my design wall and discovered the fabric I had purchased wasn’t wide enough. Naturally. done-re-2

I then did what I always do when I piece a back, I started messing with the fabric. I had one block left and some green and pink solids. I played with them.

I decided to frame the block in green. It wasn’t wide enough. So then I added pink on the side.

I had to decide whether or not to split up the green or do more of a half and half. There was no right or wrong way. I just went with my done-re-3gut.

I made a decision. I sewed it up and got it all ready. Once I make a decision on a back, I don’t question myself. I mean, it’s a back for goodness sake!


I loaded it all on my Gammill and decided to use my new wavy ruler on the top border. I didn’t hold it right and I had a curvy line that went all over the place. I just added a bunch more curvy lines beneath it and on top of it.

It looked great and I continued that on the side borders and then had to try to and make the same mistake on the bottom border. I quilted arches in the beige sashing. I quilted a free hand flower in  each block.


I eventually finished all the quilting and decided to try a new kind of binding. I had taken a class where you have done-re-6a flange on the border. I liked it but next time, I will make the flange smaller.

I will write a post in the future about what I learned at class and you can tell me if that is the way you do a double binding. I love learning new things even if I mess them up.

I really liked the way the quilting looked on the top but boy oh boy, not such a thrill on the back. I had some tension issues the entire time. I could see them on the back.

This made me very tense. (Lame joke, I know.)

Here is the completed quilt being held up by my husband. We are up at the village green. Do you think the quilting looks better? I do!


I popped the quilt into my new washer and dryer and that back quilting looked way better. In fact there were only two places where I could see some eyelashes. Place for a label?

Now that my last UFO is finished I get to start some new projects, right?


Sew happy!

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