DIY Easy Wonder Woman Costume for a child

My granddaughter loves dressing up in costumes, in theory. I make them for Halloween but I will buy her inexpensive ones just to play in. The last two I have purchased have been duds. I decided to make an easy Wonder Woman costume for a child.


Here is the guilty party, a costume which Zara loved to look at and begged to put on. However, once it was on, she couldn’t wait to get it off.

Why? I’m glad you asked. It was the feel of the costume.

It was so itchy, she couldn’t bear it after a few minutes. I even bought her an inexpensive tank top to wear underneath it. Still scratched and itched.ww-re-2

I cut the WW patch off the offending costume and threw it away. (It was only like 14.00 dollars but I did hate having it go into a landfill.) I pinned the decal on the tank top and sewed it down by hand.


I happened to have some blue fabric with white stars but it’s easy to find. Why did I happen to have it? Good question, I bought it for my own costume. The link is at the bottom of this post.

At any rate, you only need the length that you want the skirt to be. I chose a 19 inch length as Z is fairly short. She is also thin so I only needed one piece, not a doubled skirt.

I cut a strip that was 19 inches wide by the width of the fabric. I hemmed it on my serger, you could do it on your regular machine, of course. If you wanted a very full skirt, you could sew two pieces together.

I cut a 2.5″ waistband from a red and white polka dotted fabric I happened to have. Any bright red would work. I made it the width of the fabric and ww-re-4sewed the two pieces right sides together.

I pressed a quarter inch over on the non sewn side of the waistband. Then I flipped it over to ww-re-5the right side and pinned it so the folded side covered the sewn seam. I sewed that down and cut a 19″ piece of .75 elastic. You will cut yours the size of the waist of the recipient.

I put a safety pin in one edge of the elastic and wiggled it through the waistband. I sewed each end in place firmly. Then I serged the back seam, ww-re-6right sides together. You could use a regular sewing machine.

ww-re-7I was shocked how fast it was. You could do side seams, pockets or do the hem by hand.  It’s your project!

I also think the decal would look cute on a shirt with sleeves. Z had the cape, etc. to go with the itchy costume so they went with the new one.  I have found the patches on Ebay, if you need to buy one.

I thought we had a costume all set. Turns out that Zara loved it so much that she just wanted to wear it like an outfit.

Naturally, I let her. Hey, could YOU say no to Wonder Woman? Even one wearing pink sandals?

ww-re-8Sew happy!

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I was Wonder Woman two years ago. Check out how I made that easy costume.

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