Labels and political signs

My sewing lately has been comprised of many micro projects. Sometimes I enjoy doing something that can be finished quickly. Labels and political signs both fall into this category.

When my older sister went to college my mother sewed her name into all of her belongings. I believe she ordered the name labels from Sears. I watched with fascination and lusted for name labels.

label-re-1Three years later, it was my turn. Although I sewed my own clothes, my mother was a master at hand sewing. She sewed probably a hundred labels into various items.

A few years ago, the last remaining labeled item bit the dust. My olive green towel was cut up and joined the crowd in the rag bag. End of an era!

A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied my granddaughter to Kindergarten round up. Her parents were both working so I got to go. Zara went to the classroom, I sat in the meeting.

One PowerPoint slide stated “LABEL EVERYTHING.” This grandmother knows when the universe is calling out to her. I was up for the challenge.

I have put them in Zara’s coat and sweater that I think might go with her to school. By golly, her clothes in the lost and found will be labeled. I am set for her every label need up to and including college.

Speaking of school, we were, yes? I am very sensitive to keeping students and teachers safe and sound. The shooting at MSD High School in Parkland, FL tore my heart out. I wanted to support the surviving students.

In order to do this, I participated in the march in my town on March 24th. I also made a sign to carry. I started with a piece of innocent fabric which featured dancers of various races. Then I cut out my message.

As I explained here, I cut the letters out first in paper and to see how they look. Then I cut them out in fabric.labels-re-3 I used temporary adhesive to keep them in place.

I serged the edges, turned it inside out and sewed up the free side. I leave a whole side free to make the turning inside out easy. Before I hand sewed the sleeve for the dowel rod on the back, I zigzagged the letters down. It becomes the “quilting.”

I decided to create one for a potential future march. This time I serged and turned inside out at the top. labels-re-8Then I serged across, folded the end toward the back and stitched it down using letters which spelled out NO ONE multiple times. Two steps in one!

This sign is more symbolic. Its message is that no one is above the law of the United States.labels-re-10 I have not used it yet in a march.

I enjoy making these signs for various reasons. First of all, the sewing! I find myself  getting more creative. I also enjoy expressing my views in the time honored tradition of banner or “quilts”.

I do not know if I will make any more of these signs. I suppose that only time will tell.

But I ordered ten more dowel rods. Just in case!

Sew happy!

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