Fabrics and quilts on the way to Alabama

For the second year in a row, we traveled to Orange Beach to enjoy a week in warm sunshine. Our daughter’s family came with us so we got to spend 24/7 with our grandchildren. It was great but the drive is not. To break up the drive we find fabrics and quilts on the way to Alabama. It made the ride down there fun and educational.

29595063_1652649581490547_5960780182551891107_nThe best way to do this is to stop in Paducah, Kentucky. Last year I had the same pleasure. I get to take naps while my husband drives, he naps in the car while I shop for fabric.

I bought 28 yards. That is a lot of fabric! Most of it was on sale. (Sorry about the ads that ChicagoNow puts into these posts. They drive me crazy also.)

There were two bolts that I took to the cutting table and didn’t end up buying. I asked for two yards of each, they were gorgeous.

The sweet clerk said to me, “Do you know that these are 26.95 a yard?” I about passed out. I did not know and I fabric-re-1was very grateful that she alerted me to this fact. (They were fantastic, 2 yard repeat of changing colors. Stop, Kathy, stop.)

These were the first two of my 28 yards. One was on sale, but I forget which. I bought them to make a cover for my Featherweight. Someday.


The bottom bird fabric I just loved, it was not on sale but I bought 4 yards anyway. The top fabric was on sale and I got two yards, I thought I could use it somehow in the bird quilt I am going to make. Someday.

The fabrics I chose not to get matched the bird fabric in color and hue. They were dots which changed colors and the other was solids. I could have never cut into them, they would have been too darn special.fabric-re-3

The remaining twenty yards were mainly on really good sales and mainly kid fabrics. My daughter wants more bags for the kids’ toys so I grabbed two yards of any sale fabric that I thought would be fun for that project. Soon?

I also sew things at the last minute for the grandson of my neighbors. They give Zara and Henry gifts so I sew pillowcases, bags, bibs, etc. for their beloved grandson. These will come in handy the night before Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day and Easter. Yes, I wait until the 25158479_1654423794646459_5160075137142031883_nlast minute!

We also stopped at the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University in Montgomery, Alabama. I adored it. And there were quilts in the hallways.

This one was in the entryway. There was a terrible glare, 19105653_1654423844646454_8581260406750689943_nI am sorry about the lousy pic. But I loved the quilt. I would like to make something like that some day.

The other quilt was a Gee’s Bend quilt. It was super! I want to make a quilt like that also.

In fact, writing this post is making me get my sewing mojo back. I have been going through a vacation transition and not sewn since we got back.


Looking at all these gorgeous fabrics and inspirational quilts makes me want to sew and quilt all night long.

Maybe I will wait until the morning, might make better decisions.

Thanks for reading about my vacation and helping me get inspired. Orange Beach was great but now it’s time to sew and write. I think Rosa Parks would agree.

Sew happy!

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I wrote a post last year about our trip as well. You can read it here.

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