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Quilter in Florida needs help after Irma

I recently found out that a quilter in Florida needs help after Irma. It was startling to me that people’s lives are still turned upside down as the news in Illinois has stopped talking about this devastating hurricane. I have a very compassionate Facebook friend named Pam. She and I both went to the same... Read more »

Labels and political signs

My sewing lately has been comprised of many micro projects. Sometimes I enjoy doing something that can be finished quickly. Labels and political signs both fall into this category. When my older sister went to college my mother sewed her name into all of her belongings. I believe she ordered the name labels from Sears.... Read more »

Upcycle an old pair of jeans into a sewing machine caddy

For reasons that he cannot remember, my husband bought a pair of jeans with a button fly. He wore them a couple of times and then they just took up space. I decided I could make something out of them and sure enough I did. Read how to upcycle an old pair of jeans into... Read more »

Fabrics and quilts on the way to Alabama

For the second year in a row, we traveled to Orange Beach to enjoy a week in warm sunshine. Our daughter’s family came with us so we got to spend 24/7 with our grandchildren. It was great but the drive is not. To break up the drive we find fabrics and quilts on the way... Read more »