Improve your zippered bags by using a serger

I love making zippered bags because they are so handy. I really enjoy tidying an area up by putting things in a bag. They are also terrific for travel or purses. I have a new tip for you; you can improve your zippered bags by using a serger. Let me show you how.


If you check out my tutorial on making zippered bags you know that the first steps are placing the zipper into each part of the front piece. After that you match the front with the back, pin and sew. Before I would sew those two pieces together with my regular domestic sewing machine and that still works.

However, I decided to try using my Serger. You know I am constantly looking for fun ways to use it and improve an old favorite of mine. This time I was a little nervous about going over the zipper.bags-re-2

Also, there are 4 layers of fabric and one of batting. I adjusted the differential feed with some scraps and made sure there were only zipper teeth for the machine to sew over. Then I bags-re-3just did it!

It was just like sewing it on my regular sewing machine but the seams were clipped.  When I looked inside the finished bag, I was thrilled. Those inside seams were gorgeous, just like the bags-re-4outside of the bags.

I have made dozens of bags without any serging but you do notice the seams more. I was so excited with the new sleek seams that I made six bags! Yes, six!


I’ve been pairing them with tissue holders which I also serge now. I am a serging fool! Well, at least a fool?

I remarked to my daughter, when she wished for more bags, that I had lots of leftover fabric and batting. But the zippers were getting expensive. Her response was to buy me 50 zippers!

Look out, I’m going to be making a lot of bags!

Sew happy!

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