I used my serger to make pillowcases faster

Recently I used my serger to make pillowcases faster and as a result, I made 18 of them. That’s a lot of pillows that were covered! I had meant to make some for Christmas presents but I just didn’t have, or make, the time. The final nudge was a raffle my daughter had at a meet the candidates party. Once I got going, I couldn’t stop.


When I make pillow cases I cut three pieces along the width of the fabric.

A. 2″ strip

B. 9″ strip

C. 27″ strip.

I iron strip A in half, wrong sides together. I iron a half inch “hem” on strip B, wrong sides together.

Then I layer C – A – B and sew them together. 2

I iron all three layers so the accent strip A shows nicely against the body of the case. I fold the top, strip B, in half and press it. I pin it right where the seam is, a scant amount below it.

I top stitch all three together on the right side that shows.

This is the standard way I have always made my pillowcases. My main client is my older daughter, she claims she can only sleep on homemade pillowcases.

3I then line up the case, fold it and sew the wrong side together on the side and bottom. I know it seems odd to do this but it creates a pillowcase with no raw seams anywhere.

Instead of just sewing those two sides, I used my serger. It was so fast and I had a ball using it as I was conflicted about buying it and am happy when I use it. The seam is then gorgeous and even.4

The final step is to encase that raw or serged seam. At this point, turn the pillowcase inside out and I press it. Sew just on the other side of that seam. It was way easier to feel when it was 7serged.

I made 8 blue ones this way. 4 of the pillowcases were for Henry’s big boy bed pillows. I used all the scraps and leftover fabrics from his peacock heart quilt.

The other four I donated to the raffle. They packaged 2 of them together with a Kleenex purse pack I also made. Didn’t they make good looking packages?5

The raffle had four, Henry had four. Who else needed four?

Zara, of course!

I had purchased Unicorn and rainbow fabrics and used some leftovers from her Triangle quilt. Both kids have their pillowcases on their beds now. I am happy to have made pillowcases to 6keep their heads happy and quilts to keep their bodies warm.

But sometimes they wander out of bed and end up in their parents’ bed. I have to take care of my daughter and her husband also. I had enough extra fabric from the king sized modern Courthouse steps quilt to make 6.

Here they are with some scraps leftover from other green projects. It was very fun to work 27023549_10210793832058155_3896225200527777022_oon small, quick projects. I also love giving quick gifts to my family, especially as the kids had bad cases of the flu.

Here is one of Henry’s pillowcases on his new quilt. I am one happy Grandma!

Now I want to keep finding new projects where I can use my serger!

Sew happy!

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I wrote a tutorial on how to make these pillowcases a few years back. It doesn’t use a serger, you can read it here.

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