BOM blocks were finally used to make a quilt top

In 2010 I signed up for what seemed like an interesting and fun several year Bock Of the Month project. Each month I picked up 4 baggies with directions and fabrics for 4 blocks. These blocks were 6 inches finished, surely I could sew those small blocks easily and for a while, I did. Then I was a month behind and beating myself up. It got worse.


I finished 43 of the 140 blocks for this sampler quilt. Those 43 blocks rested in a drawer for years as did the baggies for the unfinished blocks.

For two years I have vowed to do something with them. This month those BOM blocks were finally used to make a quilt top. Good news, yes?bom-re-2

The more curious among you might be wondering what about all those baggies? I am saying good bye to the baggies.

I am opening them up, and untying them. I am putting the fabric in the box I have with fabrics to donate to Zara’s school. And donate them I will.


I took out the blocks I had made and arranged them in 7 rows of six blocks each. I played with them a little bit but all the blocks seem to look good next to each other. I already had sashing fabric that I had ordered two years ago. (Hiding my face in shame.)bom-re-3

I sewed one strip every night for a week, it was fun to have such a concrete goal. As there were so many different prints in the blocks, I decided to go with a solid for the borders.

I cut one inch light pink strips and sewed them on first. Only a half an inch ends up showing which is exactly what I wanted. I like just that hint of pink.

I finished it off with 3.5″ light green strips. I actually had three different greens to choose from. I was happy with the one I used.


The mathematically savant readers out there know that I have one block left. I saved it because whoever made it (me) created a block which is closer to 7″ than 6.5″ unfinished.

I plan to use it on the back. I have these other fabrics to audition for the back as well. The creamy, tan print will be the main fabric with the block in between two wide strips of it.

How will I construct that back? I don’t know but I will have fun figuring it out. I also don’t know who is going to get this quilt.

I have some marvelous decisions and some work to do. Better get to it!

Sew happy!

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In 2017 and 2018, I vowed to use these blocks. I am very relieved to finally have done it!

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