The Bluest Eye book club - a book everyone should read

Today was our first book club meeting of 2018 and it was a fabulous one. We enjoyed The Bluest Eye book club finale and not just because it is a book everyone should read. We enjoyed it because of the discussion, the company of smart women and the food. Oh, yes, we had food.


We read this book as part of our 3 Classics in one Year book club. We have defined a classic as 50 years old and significant.

We bent the rules a tiny bit. The Bluest Eye was published in 1970 so that only makes it 49 years old. We figured it was written BEFORE that so we were good. be-2

I set the table the night before as I love to do. My theme was, BLUE. Not terribly clever but very doable for me.


In the book, they buy candy and Mary Janes are one of them. I last ate one over 50 years ago. I bought a small package on Amazon.

They were fun to put on the table and we all ate ours. I am not planning on eating another one for 50 more years. I don’t even think I will finish the left over ones, I value my teeth and fillings too much.

I also ordered a Shirley Temple glass on Ebay. My mother had one but I don’t know who ended up with it. It was cheap enough on Ebay. They talk be-4about these glasses in the book related to the title, The Bluest Eye.

For food I tried to get menu items that were eaten or talked about in the book. There was a smell of meat and vegetables where Mrs. Breedlove worked so I made vegetable beef barley soup. This also allowed me to use my soup tureen, very exciting. I made egg salad as it was a lunch in the book.

Other members brought potato chips, dandelion green pesto, bread, root beer and roasted be-6vegetables. There was something for everyone and my husband was thrilled there were potato chips and root beer left over.

Of course we also had dessert, I supplied ice cream as they buy cones in the story. Anothercupcakes member made and shared pink frosted mini cupcakes. I was in heaven that there were leftover cupcakes!

Tonight for dinner my husband and I had the soup and the sandwiches and I told him all about the terrific time and discussion. We used the questions that Toni Morrison herself copyrighted. The book told a heart breaking tale of an unloved child who believed herself to be less than and yearned for blue eyes.

Our discussion ranged from beauty standards, our own thoughts on beauty and the danger that society’s beauty standards can exact on females. We related all of this to what is going on in our own county and the world in addition to our own families and selves. We could have discussed this book and its multiple themes for days. My head is still buzzing with it all.

I love these women!


Happy reading and sewing!

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img_0936I made the table runner on the table a few years ago, it fit great with the blue theme.

If you would like to make one also, click here. It is all made with pre-cuts.

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