Modern half square Log Cabin quilt is complete - thanks Heather Jones

When I was in Sisters, OR last July I started a modern half square Log Cabin quilt in a class with Heather Jones. It was a marvelous workshop and I was very challenged and inspired by a new way of making a quilt. I only used scissors, no rotary cutters or rulers. It was scary but marvelous all at the same time. That quilt is finished! Hooray!


I had it on my Gammill, Gladys, for quite a while. It waited patiently while I finished all my holiday gifts. Then it waited a bit more while I enjoyed the holidays.

I finally go to start the actual quilting at the beginning of January and I had a plan. But when I started the quilting, I spontaneously changed it. I decided to quilt circles in the green, geometric shapes in the blue and curvy lines in the grey.henry-q-re-2

I used an ultra loft 100% polyester batting that was for a twin size. I was pretty sure it would all quilt together perfectly and it did! Phew!

I took my scraps and cut 2.5″ strips, first time I had used a rotary cutter with this quilt. I would have bound it all in blue, but I did not have enough. I used about 50% blue, 35% grey and 15% green, more or less. I wound it all on an antique spool.


I placed the spool in the cup holder I have attached to my sewing table. This was pure genius as it rolled and did not get all tangled at my feet. Why have I never done this before?

I took two days to sew on the binding. Sometimes I am in too big a hurry and just create problems for myself. I wanted to finish it for guild on Thursday and I started on Sunday so I could take it slowly.

Another change I made was to just do one side at a time. I was able to find any problematic areas, iron everything to perfection and clip the binding about every inch. It made a huge difference in the mistake free final sewing.  I have to remember this, slow down!

Here is the final quilt and the back. The quilting is all in green so it shows up quite a bit. I think Henry will love it.


If he doesn’t, I’ll be happy to take it back.

Sew happy!

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