I sewed my sign for the Chicago Women's March 2018

When I was in high school and college, I never marched in any kind of protest or statement march. I guess I decided I would wait until I was in my 60’s because this was my second! This year, I sewed my sign for the Chicago Women’s March.


The theme of the march was March to the Polls and another theme was Blue Wave 2018 for the voting that will be done in 2018. Here is Illinois there is an important primary in March where I actually have met many of the people running. All over the states, there are the Midterm Elections for every member of the House of Representative, a third of the Senators and many governors, including ours.

I went through some of my blues to try and find something that said Blue Wave to me. I selected this half yard, folded it in half for use and found a fat quarter for the accents. I cut 4 four side strips, sewed then down the middle and turned them inside out. After doubling them, I sewed them down at the top.


Then I rummaged around until I found a piece of leftover batting which covered the half. I used clover clips to keep the batting and the two sides of the banner or sign. They were right sides together.

I only had to sew 3 sides as there was the folded side at the bottom. I used my serger to quickly and stably join those sides. I left a gap on the right side though which I pulled the sign out to the right side.

I used the rest of the accent fabric for the letters I wanted. This is where you can do any message you want. I used a pencil to sketch them free hand and cut them out. I ironed my sign to make sure it was all flat.

I used a temporary fabric adhesive to put them where I wanted them, you could use a permanent one and be done with it but I wanted to sew them. My E’s were a bit big, oh well, I liked the overall feel. I sewed a decorative stitch that looked like a wave on the right, bottom and left side. Across the top I wrote out VOTE multiple times.


These was all the fun parts because I was making it up as I went along. Now I had to face getting those letters permanently on my fabric. I stitched them all down using a zig zag stitch.

Yes, it took forever. The good thing is that it provided the “quilting” and texture I wanted in my sign. I brought it with me downtown and joined the throngs. 5

I marched with my whole family! It’s hard to manage a double stroller but my son in law did it. My sister and I mainly marched together.

When you weren’t in the shade, it was actually quite pleasant. We liked the crowd and the music. It was fun to be with all the people.

My right leg got really tired after walking to the march, standing around and then marching. I decided to go back to our hotel about 1d5a753d5d2e53119891a85ce9c0b979halfway though the actual march. We have stayed at the Silversmith Hotel in Chicago 3 times, once for the Cubs parade and twice for marches.

I know, I am not the most adventurous of marchers but hey! I wanted to sleep in, get a good breakfast and have a place to store my stuff. Did I mention the valet parking? Plus, I got a SUPER good rate.

We left Chicago shortly after the March was over. We left early but not before reading so many clever signs. They were the best part by far. These were some of my favorite signs and marchers.6

When I came home, I put my sign on my balcony door. It is a homemade political sign, the only one of its kind in my neighborhood.

Sew happy!

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I wrote a post about the Women’s march in 2017 also.

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